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Part 29

Twenty Eight.

Stats upgraded. Aleph's was obvious, since it was mentioned more than once. Hiroko's had to be decided with a toin coss.

Leaving. I don't mind that.

The second building is unexplored. Or is it?

Nope. It is the Gate to Arcadia.

Huh. Weird.

Now we know that doing this leaves Aleph's body drooling like a retard in the Terminal room. Let's see what the denizens of Arcadia have to say.

He is taking it quite well. He is definitely not going to be able to do much, though. What, being plugged to a complex computer system that sustains his life, and probably being all atrophied because of the lack of movement.

This one is clearly bugged, her brain is fried.

Live the rest of your simulated life?
The former champ is quite happy, I think.

No one. But you don't need protection, your body is stored safely in what appears to be a pocket dimension, and demons don't attack you unless you move.

And that makes this guy sad

Time to go back to the Center.

Ah, good old Center tower.


This dude is clearly the most worthless templar ever.

Hm. Karma is indeed coming. And they won't like it.

Time to check the Virtuals, maybe Steven has something new.

I knew it!

Not completely useless, but I would have preferred more Minion Space.

What the hell. Why don't they recognize their own daughter? Are they brainwashed or something?

See? I told you, Karma is coming.


New Mesian Asshat! The Adept!

Megido is a nasty spell. At least it is NOT Megidolaon, which is nastier. And MUDO. Oh how I hate Mudo. Instant kill

And how the hell do you know that?
Oh well, this guy won't attack Aleph.

This is the part where one decides what path one will follow, for the most part. And for that, I will be showing the different outcomes, with the cheat that allows us to see the alignment value on.

That is the response given to the Neutral Path. It is different from what Re-Miel's FAQ says:
"Thou pursueth thy own path relying on noone but thyself.
Long is thy road and many are thy hardships.
Yet great is thy reward."

This one is the Chaos path, it is pretty much the same in Re-Miel's FAQ.

That is the Law path (the set of answers displayed lead to Neutral or Chaos, I don't remember, but I had to show them :P). Again, pretty much the same.


Hey, it is Han Solo!