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by Luisfe

Part 3: Bonus Update 2

Still in the hellhole, naming names.

Voltaire it is then.

Or more like Voltai, due to limited characters for names. Damnation.

It cannot be!
Eerie. Flashback and then a guy with the same name as the guy in the flashback is asking for Hawk!

Going out, and then back in...

yes, because Hawk is an authentic second class citizen, not third class or lower scum like you.

You don't say!

Why would someone without the chance to use them know exactly where it is? Envy!

Eeeeh, okay.

Hms. A bar.

That certainly sounds better than just selling item. Per. Item in SMT1.

Out of the hellhole!

Oh wait. Okamoto does that as well.

Let's hit the armory, Hawk's equipment *sucks*.

Oh what the hell WHY NOT?

Oh god damnit.

Time to check the bar.

No point in wasting the money, Hawk needs his Virtual training.

No... It can't be... Can it?

Hawk probably would not like that. What if she is filled with future demonic STDs?
(eek, oh no, bad mental image, bad mental image)


No he ain't.

They kicked you out for not pronouncing that "G". Serves you right.

Holy redundancy, Batman.

Bah! So that's why his life's savings were only 200 Macca.


Must have been messing around with those darn Stem Cells.

Time to make some money:

What the Christ. He is already there!

Oooh, mysterious invitation from mystery voice!

So what should her name be, sirs?
Also, which art is better, Kaneko's older style or the newer style?