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Part 31

Thirtieth Update:

Stats updated.

And that means: Things are going to get shittier. Maybe. And that the Terminal in the Center does not work for teleportation, even if the rest DO work perfectly. Fuckers.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds. And scares the shit out ofe everyone.

Imagine that in the Lost in Space robot's voice. It is better.

Yeah, sure. Lazy bastard.

Well, yeah, whatever you say.

Loneliest bar ever.

Let's see if Steven has something new...

Hooray! Yes he does!

What is? What what what?

And that is incredibly awesome.

He will definitely be seen again. Oh yes. He kicks ass.

And so does this, at last, a decent amount of minions can be acquired.

After travelling on foot to Holytown...

No one will ever give Aleph the information he requires directly. Fuckers.

Nothing good will ever happen. Or something. I don't know.

If that makes you happy...

Everything is down now.

Time to hit the disco.

So Steven has been contacting more people, eh? Too bad none of them are Champs, or are able to use Terminals. Shmucks.

Fusion Time!

Good old Tentacle Head is going to be helpful, I think.


That is... Rather weird. Could it be related to the energy fluctuations?

Even more of a failure if instead of helping your goddamn savior you stay in the bar. And whatnot. Now gimme info. Or else!

Funny, eh? Time to investigate.

When one gets near to the Great Church, this happens:

More people are feeling tired.

That is horrible!

There is absolutely no chance of that.


Are you sure it is the tower? Could it be something else? It could be a coincidence! After all, Correlation != Causation!

Fuck. Louis has something to do with it. Thus, it must be having some sort of effect. Damnation.
Also: Louis is quite friendly, isn't he?

Back to the Center.

Oh goddamnit. Obviously not from the "backdoor". There is another way. And it was mentioned before. The PILLARS. There are two that are missing. Jupiter, which is in the Factory, and Venus, in Roppongi.
Factory first.

First, a diversion that never really happened, because it gives a shitload of law points, and that's undesirable now.

And then become an undead workaholic and WORK EVEN MORE.

Damnit. That's evil.

And he will work. But under his own terms. No more slavery!

Fuuck, he died standing.

That's what happens when you trust the Center and get relocated to the Factory. But unlike another champ, you retain full mobility...
Talking about that, I have not checked out what Otomo Akira has to say.


Nothing of that happened. Not at all. What happened is that Aleph, being a massive asshat, ignored the slaves and went directly to where Betelgeuse in wormsnake form was.

Hooray! One more to go.

And that's the full set. Time to put them to action.

holy hell, the mountains are moving even in the Earth. That's creepy.

And that's all the pillars, except for the Sun's.

That face was not there before.

HOLY HELL. Transported to the Abyss!
This must be the front door that Louis mentioned!

Awesome, friendly locals!

Less than awesome, unfriendly locals.

Wikipedia posted:

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil (Old Norse Yggdrasill, IPA: [ˈygˌdrasilː]; the extra -l is a nominative case marker) is the "World Tree", a gigantic ash tree, thought to connect all the nine worlds of Norse cosmology. Sometimes it is called Mímameiðr or Lérað. According to mythology, Ásgard, Álfheim and Vanaheim rest on the branches of Yggdrasil. The trunk is the world-axis piercing through the center of Miðgarðr (often called Midgard), around which Jötunheim is situated, and below which lies Niðavellir, also called Svartálfheim. The three roots stretch down to Hel, Niflheim, and Muspelheim, although only the first world hosts a spring for Yggdrasil.

As it is a Dark demon, it won't join. But it will give XP.

Ah, so the Earth is the sphere of Malkuth, and the Abyss is really the rest of the Sephirotic tree. Interesting.

So he is absorbing the Magnetite out of EVERYONE and burning it? What a waste.

And that is Moloch. Next time: Exploring. Pathways.
See you all next week or so.