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Part 35

New page, new update.
Update #34

Time to get out of Netzach

Well, maybe this particular undead's magical energy will eventually run out, and he will die.
Unlikely: Crowley is still alive. Who knows? Weirder things have happened.

Tiem to explore the last arm of this place.


Done with this part!

Code Breaker? Here?

That's an Engetsuto:
Attack = 150 Hit% = 25 # of Attacks = 2, Inflicts POISON
STR +1, INT +1, STM +1, SPD +1
Gender: MALE
Alignment: NEUTRAL

It is not better than the swords Aleph and Hiroko have. It hits only TWO times. That's not good enough.

Not good enough at all.

All 3 exits are interconnected.

At last! Free access to the area previously visited!

Let'see how Set is doing.


A new terminal for the collection. Now EVERY major area that has been visited is accesible. Except Valhalla, of course.

There's another passage. Surely, since there is pretty much nothing else to do in this area. So let's check it.

Uh Oh.

Everyone instantly recognizes the Messiah.

And when Gomory says that, she SNATCHES the party, and takes them to a trip they will never forget.

There it is. The destination. KETHER CASTLE.

This guy gets around, eh?

Some invitation, eh? Not even a choice.

He is shocked as well!

And then he TRANSFORMS.

No one could ever refuse. As this is probably the single most dangerous being AFTER YHVH.

Ah, he is helpful. Providing information after trying to hinder one's advancement....
Or testing one's strenght.

Gabriel said the exact same thing.

Why take action when the other side will thin itself, eh?

Well, no one else was there that could've done it.

Artificial messiah thing?

Obviously, it was NOT the real YHVH.

Belief shapes the world and creates deities and demons. Sounds kind of like the Planescape setting eh?

And gave out massive amounts of XP. It was awesome.


Aleph? Satan? Hell no. Aleph doesn't have 6 breasts.

Yeah, Aleph does not want to be a weird monster with six breasts. And tentacles.

And that would be bad.

... Huh?

So Set needs to be fused with another being to become the SATAN, hm.

Like The Spectre?

Holy hell, that would certainly be a negative event.

So, Lucifer is... Altruistic?

Everyones needs a messiah :P

What, killing Hecate, Tiamat and that pervert Crowley isn't test enough?

If you have played SMT3, this must be strangely familiar...

And then, Gomory takes Aleph back.

Well, Aleph will have to get cracking, then, Kether Castle is in the very top of the Sephirotic tree, or somesuch, IIRC, and that's a long way from Tiphereth.


God damnit. They won't let Aleph check the place in peace?



Next time: Exploring Eden and checking stuffs.