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Part 38

Update # 37:

Time to say GOODBYE to Valhalla.

This room is horrible. The next room in the map is the destination. This took a good 15 minutes to navigate. Even with turbo.
GRAGH. It is annoying anf infuriating.

Objection! That is a contradiction!

Ah, crap.

Ah, but this here artificial Messiah that is traveling with his newly discovered and very traumatized mom (so her "parents" were fakes and brainwashed as well) has a nice ace under his sleeve.

How convenient, eh? Mekata gives the exact item that was needed to destroy this particular menace.

They never learn, do they? Aleph KILLED a false YHVH that was incredibly freaking powerful and 3 very, very powerful archangels. Why do random demons/nonrandom demons think that they have even a slight chance of destroying him?


Wikipedia posted:

Abaddon (Hebrew אבדון Avadon, meaning "destruction"). In Biblical poetry (Job 26:6; Proverbs 15:11), it comes to mean "place of destruction", or the realm of the dead, and is associated with Sheol. Abaddon is also one of the compartments of Gehenna.[1]

In Revelation 9:11, it is personified as Abaddon, "Angel of the Abyss",[1] rendered in Greek as Apollyon; and he is described as king of the locusts which rose at the sounding of the fifth trumpet. In like manner, in Rev. vi. 8, Hades is personified following after death to conquer the fourth part of the earth.

Abaddon is one of the infernal names used in LaVeyan Satanism, and is first in the list—only as it comes first alphabetically—and means "the destroyer."

Abaddon (Hebrew:אבדון,Avaddon - destruction) , in demonology, was chief of the demons of the seventh hierarchy. He was called The Destroyer and, in the Book of Revelation, St John called him the King of the locusts (Rev 9: 7-11).

The Thanksgiving Hymns—a copy was also found in the Dead Sea Scrolls—tells of "the Sheol of Abaddon" and of the "torrents of Belial [that] burst into Abaddon". The Biblical Antiquities of Philo mentions Abaddon as a place (sheol, hell), not as a spirit or demon or angel. In Paradise Regained, Milton also uses Abaddon as a place—the pit. It appears to have been St. John who first personified the term to stand for an angel. In the 3rd century Acts of Thomas, Abaddon is the name of a demon, or the Devil himself. Abaddon has also been identified as the angel of death and destruction, demon of the abyss, and chief of demons of the underworld hierarchy, where he is equated with Samael or Satan. In magic and alchemy, Abaddon is the Destroying Angel of the Apocalypse. In Barrett's The Magus, Abaddon is pictured, in colour, as one of the evil demons. In medieval myth, Abaddon was considered as a synonym for Hell and/or the ruler thereof, and in Revelations 9:7-11, he was the Christian angel of Hell. The Hebrew word abadon, from which the name is derived, means "destruction" (Job 26:8 and Psalms 88:11).

Abaddon has also been considered the Hebrew name for the Greek god Apollyon.

Not long after Judeo-Christian teachings taught the name of this demon, Abaddon referred to the pit or cave that was used in mystery religions and schools as a rite of passage into the greater mysteries. Often the experience would entail the use of ritual substances that put the aspirant into an altered state in which he or she could receive divine revelation. Because the experience was sometimes unpleasant, this rite came to be viewed as being "hellish." However, it was considered absolutely necessary so that the seeker may become pure enough to encounter the "mind of God", as an angel is described as the "Angel of the bottomless pit who binds Satan for a thousand years".

In occultism and esoterism, Abaddon is related to blood red, brown and green colours, winter, the month of January, Saturday, intuition, sacrifice and challenge, the ruby and the sword. His Tarot symbol is the one of judgement.

Long and boring battle: Video!


Aww, Abbadon wants to be an angel again.

And with his death, he spits Aleph back to the entrance of the next passage.

hey. If he spat the passage back, maybe he also spat Valhalla back!

Or maybe one should just check the passage.

Next time: Advancing and/or checking if Valhalla is back. Have not decided.