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Part 45

Update 44: Dragon's Rage

Luck it is.

Lucifer, with his dying breath, transports Aleph and company to the outside of Kether Castle. At least there is no need to renavigate the whole place again.
On the other hand, when Hiroko leveled up, she learned Toraest, so it was an useless favor, really. But hey, there's no need to look a gift horse's teeth or whatever. Dalek was waiting for Aleph there. How the hell he got there is anyone's guess.

Well, shit.

So now there are two beings that could easily destroy everything, Satan and that Dragon. Fuckdamnit.

No shit.

Well, more XP and stff.

A Toraport later, and a Terminal Teleport to Roppongi later still...

He LIVES. And not in the Abyss!

Well, then less talk more fight thank you very much.

Okay where is the stinkin' dragon.

Oh. There it is.

Wikipedia posted:

Kuzuryū (九頭龍 nine-headed dragon?), or Kuzuryūshin (九頭龍神 nine-headed dragon god?) is a minor deity in the folklore of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It is said to have appeared in response to the echoing sound when the door to the cave Amano-Iwato was torn off and flung down to earth. The door became Mount Togakushi, and Kuzuryū became a nearby mountain of the same name.

BATTLE. And this thing could destroy the worlds?

When defeated, Steven appears once more.

No, the Mutants and the Gaians also wanted that.

Eden, eh?

It went to die.

Time to go to places. PLACES FILLED WITH WONDROWS THINGS. Or just supplies.
First, Akasaka.

This place. Remember it? It is the dwarven smith.

The Hihiirokane is a fabled metal, similar to the greek orichalcum. It is supposed to make awesome things. And this dwarf is going to help.

And so, waiting was done. Around five complete lunar cycles.

Hell. YES.
Usable, too. USABLE.

Attack = 190 Hit% = 87 # of Attacks = 1-3, Inflicts FREEZE
STR +3, INT +1, STM +2
Gender: MALE
Alignment: NEUTRAL

HELL yes.

Next, needed supplies. Because they will be needed.

Many, many, MANY Hiranyas. Why? To refill Anubis' Divine Intervention. And when Shiva is acquired, the same thing.
That is going to be quite useful.

Then another teleport to Holytown, as it is the closest place to the Center.

So, your belief is in something manufactured by Lucifuge Rofocale. Real smooth, dude.

Notice, this was the dude that said if you doubted god or thought that god was wrong, something was seriously wrong in you.

This was a place that was not visited. The code was supposedly given by the Mesian asshat in Akasaka. I just cheated and used the FAQ.


Double brainwash!
First, implanted false memories then cleaning the brain from those false memories once more.

Seems to me that Hanada was quite crazy.

At last, this floor is cleared.


Suuure, put the goddamn exit in the very last area one would visit. Damn you, Mesians, damn you.

See? There was a point to be done by stealing the Fury's Robe.
And that's EDEN.
It is somewhat changed.

Eden exploration: Next time.