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Part 5

Update 4: Training for the CHAMPIONSHIP.

Apollo it is.

There are weird enemies that spawn inside the Virtual Battler. Among them are these things:

And the boss (bah, easy as pie, a single slime)

In the second level (not pictured, forgot to screenshot them), one finds these:

And the most dangerous of them all: ORACLES!

The bastards come in packs, and first they debuff you, then they fry your ass with spells. VERY annoying and dangerous.

And after a little while, one reaches the boss: Captured in video because it is hilarious.
Or at least it was hilarious for me.
Boss Fight: Audrey

Yes. Audrey. This Audrey.

After a bit of exploration, one reaches this boss. Pathetic.

Now this was not as easy as the previous ones. The enemies appeared in bigger packs, and then... The boss. The boss was much harder than the previous ones.

It was much, much more difficult.

ESPECIALLY because of the boss.

Wikipedia posted:

In Norse mythology, Garm or Garmr is a huge hound which guards Hel, the land of the dead, alongside of Hræsvelgr and living in a cave called Gnipahellir. Garm was the greatest of all canids (excluding the Fenris Wolf), and his howling will be the signal of the end of the world. During Ragnarök, Garm and Týr will kill each other. In Völuspá, the line Geyr Garmr mjök / fyr Gnipahelli (Garm howls loud / before the Gnipa-cave) is repeated three times. After the first occurrence, the Fimbulwinter is related; the second occurrence is succeeded by the invasion of giants in the world of gods; after the last occurrence, the rise of a new and better world is described. In some descriptions Garm is a giant wolf with a bloodstained breast.

I hate you, Garm. I hate you.
Video: Battle with Garm
Notice the different stats. Had to go out and grind for more money.


Last part of the area: THE DISCO.


Different styling!

Party like it is 2099!
Wait, for all we know, it could be 2099. Oh well, whatever.

Holy hell, the security must be really, really lax.

Weird. Why would Valhalla be closed?

And obviously, he has no interest in Okamoto's Gym. Bastard.


And this dude serves as a Sound Test.

Next update: Back to the Gym, and OUTSIDE AT LAST.