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Part 50

Geez, all of them? That's going to take forever. Tell you what, I'll start working on them but I'm only going to edit individual screenshots if there's any sort of change to them. Otherwise I'm just going to write the further text under them.

Golden Appleseed

Kerberos: Woman, go away.
Madam: Oh! You're...
Kerberos: ...Woman...Don't you fear me?
Madam: You're Kerberos, aren't you? Don't you remember me? You're the Kerberos that was with The Hero, right?
Kerberos: Hm...? Yeah...I think I remember you from the mansion of the ruler of Valhalla, but that all was in the past.
Madam: You...look lonely.
Kerberos: Ho...You're the first person to say something like that after seeing me. No...the first person since him.
Madam: Him?
Kerberos: There was once a man I could call master. But...when I was away from his side, he died in an accident. Right near here. I...couldn't stand the fact that I could not protect him...I'm just I sit here waiting for the day that he will return. Though I know that will never happen...
Madam: ...It's The Hero, wasn't it? Your master.
Kerberos: Heh. To think I'd ramble on about this. Go on, you're done here, right? Leave me.
Madam: You're...not an ordinary Maju, are you?
Kerberos: ...It would seem that you're not just any ordinary human either.
Madam: *giggle* I like you. I don't have a name. The people just call me Madam. be my friend?
Kerberos: !?'re interesting. A friend, eh? Might not be so bad...
Madam: Yes, please!
Kerberos: I've lost my master, but living like that might not be so bad...OK, fine. I am Maju Kerberos. I am at your service...

Silver Necktie Pin

Isn't the Demon Summoning program useful?

If only the Center wouldn't be a little more realistic. What's important is the flow of time. Time passes, the era changes, and people feel the effects of the previous Great Destruction less and less...They try to hold back the demons just because doing so suits them, but that doesn't work so well. With sheer might as their sole authority, it won't last long. I guess they just didn't understand that.

And...that Messiah Project thing too...From their point of view, that may seem like advancing forward, but it looks like they put their personal interests first a little bit too much. It may be normal for those siding with Law, but once Law gets out of control things naturally revert back to Chaos. Of course, it works the other way around too; if Chaos gets too strong Law will only get stronger.

The world exists on a balance. That I keep updating the Demon Summoning Program...or maybe it would be better to say that the Demon Summoning program keeps getting updated is most likely simply a byproduct of keeping the balance. People advance hanging onto a subtle balance. Hmm...How can I say it...maybe it would be best to say that they need to achieve balance to advance in the first place.

The most important thing is just to keep going. Is that maybe too hard? Still, the world needs it. It would appear that I have achieved the ability to exist beyond the boundaries of space and time.

You've noticed it too, haven't you? This is not the end. Henceforth I will most likely witness countless battles. By watching them, maybe I will be able to remember who I once was...

Sitting and thinking about this, this Demon Summoning Program...don't you think it's quite useful?

And as a bonus:
Fragment of Petrification Prison

Zayin: save the save as many as possible...isn't this what God wanted...? God? Is he nowhere to be found...? Or is this...his will...? The center abandoned those that believed in God and worked for his sake...the Elders...Did God choose them...and abandon me...? God...
Voice: There is no God!
Zayin: !? Who's there!?
Voice: If God will not interfere no matter what happens to you, then God will not interfere no matter what you do, either.
Zayin: !?
Voice: Don't force yourself to obey. Were you not born in the name of God?
Zayin: ...Well...
Voice: By definition, is not whatever you do God's will?
Zayin: ...Whatever I do...
Voice: Do not try to obey something. Do not try to obey someone. Do not think of God as having just one face. God is not good. God is everything. Everything is God. You too can become a face of God.
Zayin: Become...a face of God...
Voice: You are not one to be judged and punished. You are the ultimate Temple Knight. As the one closest to God, obey his commands and become the one to mete out the judgment and punishment.
Zayin: The judge...and punisher...
Voice: Fulfill your role, as the one closer to God, closer than the Center and closer than the Elders.
Zayin: My...role...Punisher in God's stead...