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Part 7

Short update: Exploring the ARENA.



And so the dungeon crawl begins.

There's nothing, absolutely nothing there that poses a threat to Hawk, some Spartans, some Hercules, and some Gakis. That's all.
What is there is a lot of nifty equipment that Hawk can use in his advantage.

And some of it is even dropped by the enemies!
Like this:

Bollock knife?

Okay, I think that deserves wikipediaing, and/or finding images.

Wikipedia posted:

The bollock dagger or ballock knife is a type of dagger with a distinctively shaped haft, with two oval swellings at the guard resembling male genitalia (or bollocks). The guard is often in one piece with the wooden grip, and reinforced on top with a shaped metal washer. The dagger was popular in Flanders, England and Scotland between the 13th and 18th centuries, and in particular the Tudor period. A large number of such weapons were found aboard the wreck of the Mary Rose.

In the Victorian period "prudish" weapon historians introduced the term kidney dagger, due to the two lobes at the guard, which could also be seen as kidney-shaped. (Blair 1962).

The hilt was often constructed of box root (dudgeon) in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the dagger was sometimes called dudgeon dagger or dudgeonhafted dagger in this period. The bollock dagger was probably the precursor of the Scottish dirk.

The bollock dagger is the source of the expression, to get, or give, a "bollocking", meaning to give or receive a severe chastisement

It is better than the Spike Rod.

And Hawk already had some of those. Bah.

Oooh. The armor of a Kaiser! That sounds nice.


Even better than the bollock knife! (ignore the lack of bollocks in Hawk's hands, different save state :P)

Useless without a gun, so...
But it's better to be prepared, just in case.

And there it is!
The GUN.

It is stronger than the Slicer, with 44 points. THat's quite a bit, I think.

And A Fritz Helm!

Those two rooms there are direct transports to the center. Seems like Red Bear was an idiot and missed all the treasures, deciding to wait for Hawk, dumbass, one doesn't underestimate the enemy like that!

And then, FLASHBACK!

That is an appropriate name for Daleth/Dareth?