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by Luisfe

Part 8

Update 7: GAMBLIN'

And Dalek it is.

And after that, a pathetically easy fight happens:
Red Bear

Ha ha! Sucks to be you then!

After that, Okamoto gets enough money and fame to a)Buy Haneda's gym, b) Pay his debts c) GAIN MONEYS IN THE CASINO.
Did I mention the Casino? We'll see that later.

He is so excited about that that he said "manison" instead of "mansion".
He obviously wants to see Madam.


Who could it be?

Oh no! Not a little boy!

*gasp* those evil scientists! Up to no good!

To do evil and nefarious experiments with him or what?

What would Madam want to do with a kidnapper scientist that probably also uses STEM CELLS and causes explosions?

This is a false choice. No matter what you choose, she will join.

Cue victory fanfare (only not).

Who could it be?!?!?!'


Just ONE?
Oh well.

Cue another victory fanfare. I personally like Chrono Trigger's/Chrono Cross'.


Time to check what the other members of the Gym have to say.

Spinach, superior equipment, beating the crap out of demonoids, and  being a being designed to be an artificial messiah 

Awww, isn't that cute?

And now that Okamoto is too busy counting the money he got from being the owner of the biggest gym in Valhalla...

Yay! No more Okamoto preventing Hawk from entering the DEN OF VICE!

Almost all of his money will be spent on COINS.

Don't feel like playing that one.
Sure, getting the max Jackpot would be nice, but that would be a bit difficult, even with savestates, I think.

Meeeeh, no thanks. Never liked slot minigames.

Same with this one.

Now, this IS easily exploitable with savestates, and thus, my game of choice.

And even better! It has PRIZES!

Ointments, low HP recovery, meh.

Dis-Poison, self explanatory.



Muscle Drink, random HP/MP recovery with random side effects.

Revives a dead or dying character, and gives them one eight of their max hp.

Happy Sandals, female only footwear.

Amigo Poncho, male only armorstuff.

Female only melee weapon, inflicts Happy status.

And way better than the default weapon she has.

WAY better than the previous stuffs.

Same in Hiroko's case.

Next time: Exploring a bit, maybe slumming, and probably visiting Madam.