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Part 53

Update 51: The Trumpeter

First things first. Back to Asakusa. Nothing els to be done in Mifunashiro.

Manikins replaced by something creepier that ALSO shakes.
God damn it.


She is NOT the top Night Demon. Close, though.

"But, this place was bustling with Manikins just a short while back"
Now it has demons. And one of them SHAKES.

"Now that Futomimi's dead, Asakusa is nothing but a ghost town. It's just as Lady Dumb said.
We need to watch Ginza... The assembly of Nihilo... "
Huh, something has happened in Ginza, eh?

"Manikins were running about here not long ago. Now demons are here instead. Is this the flow of time?"
This guy seems like the "GET OFF MY LANW" type.

"There's still some 'round here."
Yeah, the shopkeepers

"I'm not a Musubi, but I think they should respect themselves more."
Well, their prophet is gone. And they are demoralized. And they can't do anything anymore by themselves. Aaaaand the Yosuga assholes invaded their town.

MAGIC upgraded.

And Taunt shall be replaced with this. Mediarama is USEFUL.

Time to go to Ginza.


"Something happened! They must've been doing something!"
Not yet.

Quick visit to the jeweler.

More useful than the stones. Don't see much reason to get anything else at the moment, though.

"A painless world because emotions do not control it. The only ones that can live there are beings that have spiritually surpassed humans and demons... That's right! We will all become gods!"
Uuuuuh. No. You will all become like cogs in a machine that does nothing. You shall be silent. You shall have no power. YOU WILL BE COME STAGNANT.
The Reason that would make you gods is Sidekick's, not Dumb's.

"Now we can create our ideal world of Stillness!"

Now, a quick recap of the REASONS.



The least retarded of the 3, but it also sucks ass. Also: Sidekick is a goddamn retard.

Demon summoner Hikawa is clearly THE PUPPET MASTER.

"Even if our headquarters was attacked, even if we lost the Nightmare System... He'd still be victorious! He concieves plans as if he knows what events will take place. He may be human, but he's a brilliant strategist."
No way he could've predicted the rise of 2 other deities that would compete with him. No way.

But it may have TREASURE.

At last! Directions!

That's the place. Can't be directly accessed.
Time to take the scenic route.

Dum de dum.


Almost there.


Oh. cRAP.

The Trumpeter. The Last Fiend. The end of the Fiend battles is here.

Next time: Openin' the Fourth Kalpa. Now all the Candelabrums required to open all the Kalpas are acquired.