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Part 55

Update 52: Kalpa time again!

Before advancing, and facing the man with the most epic widow's peak, a bit of KALPA DIVING needs to be done. Actually, more than a bit. A LOT. First, more on the Third Kalpa. Why? Because there is still treasure to be had there. And since the stats have been upgraded somewhat...

First the Luck part.

Oh hey another one I am probably never going to use even if I HAVE already defeated all the Fiends. The Trumpeter has some nice skills, but right now I am quite content with the current team.

Ah, doors that know when to open. That is awesome.

Teleportation doors, not so. Still, it is just a minor annoyance. It could be far worse.


Clearly, a Burial Chamber.

One awesome and one not so awesome treasure.

I like.

Fully explored.

"The Emperor has returned!! I want his autograph, hee ho, so I'm gonna look for him!!"
Emperor? Oh, Black Frost. Yeah, he is back.
He killed himself. And still lives. And is awesome.

"Where death conquers death, and fire lights the darkness... The words of the beggining shall be spoken... We all await those words.'
I heard that from a demon in the Labyrinth. I wonder what that means."
Everyone is waiting for the new world to be defined.


This Hanuman has no idea.

So one needs even more strenght.

He mocks Insert because he looks emo. And lacks musculature.
But anyways, his power is magical in nature, or somesuch. So who cares.

Current stats.


Another one.

He changes into Hanuman.

Hah! He only has 17 ST. He is weaker than Insert!



More Strenght is required.

Ghanged Taunt for Mediarama.

Let's see who is interred here.

The 3 Onis. Kind of appropriate, I think.


Can't be explored yet.

Magic time!


But instead of teleporting to the entrance, it takes Insert to THIS place.

Nothing else to be found, though.

Remember this place? It had DANTE TAG!

No longer, though.




Damn you.

He is definitely smaller than when one fights him.

Awww. Isn't he adorable?



What's with the many heads.

OPEN SESAME. And that's it for all the candelabra, except for the one that was given to Insert.

Naaah, how bad could it be?

Well, fuck. Left it is.

Bah. Why?

Oh. That is why Cursed area.

Next time: GOING LEFT.