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by Luisfe

Part 3: Activating the Demonica and such.

Knives shall be used to ambush the enemy. Unless it breaks, of course. THat would be terrible.

York shall focus on the task at hand, he shall not deviate at the moment.

Waiting as long as possible, but bailing out if it cannot be done anymore.

Of course he would help! It's the right thing to do after all.


It's not that it will succeed, it's that it CANNOT fail. Not while York is there.

Demonica OS: "The supposrt type best suited to your tendencies is determined to be technical support."

"But do not let that daunt you. You have your Demonicas, and what's more, you have iron wills!"

>"You can now check any documents you have on file. A new document has been added to the mission log:
Schwarzwelt Investigation Team
Mission Log"

>"New information has been added to the mission briefing for Demonica"

Let's see what that is all about.

There it goes, that is York's status screen. His highest stat is Magic, and he nulls Expel. That's good. It's not Masakados-good of course, nothing is that.

"1: Extensible applications. Both the main app and its functions vital for the investigation, as well as the Sub Apps, are expandable.

2: Battle Optimization. The Demonica optimizes its performance based on the user's experience in battle. This optimization provides the user with improved physical performance.

3: Adjustable Equipment. Users may add weapons, armor or accesories for even more flexibility.

Note: Your Demonica's key growth area is Magic."

Fourth wall breaking? What of my immersion? MY IMMERSION IS RUINED NOW. Now if you excuse me I will just go and play New Vegas instead.

"Organization: Personnel are split between four next-generation transports, each equipped with plasma shields and the ability to travel by both land and air.

Ship 1: The Red Sprite
Will act as central command for the general operation.

Ship 2: The Blue Jet
Will provide military support for the other ships

Ship 3: The Elve
Staffed with many scientists, it will be the mission's investigative core.

Ship 4: The Gigantic
Also provides military support."

The game also possesses ingame achievements. Those are always fun.

Right now, York only possesses a single skill, Fire Shot. Eventually we will see many, many different skills. Also, notice that the money is undefined. There is zero, yes, but of what currency?

And now we see the layout of the Deck area.

"So you volunteered, I hear? Heh... Me, I only signed on to this gig for the money. That's all. For all we know, the brass at the Joint Project are sending us out as meat shields. And I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. Semper fi, right? Heh..."

It would be rude not to, after all. This is the choice that will be taken, but the results of both will be shown.

"I have this thing abotu not getting too friendly with people before a risky mission. When the crunch comes, you may need to leave a comrade behind for the sake of the mission."

"Yeah... Let's not get too friendly. No telling whether one of us might need to leave the other to die for the sake of the mission... You still want something from me? I got nothing else to say to you, man."

Let's see if this suited-up fellow is slightly less assholish about everything.

Strike Team: "I feel like there's no mission I can't accomplish with this thing on. Hah, listen to me. I better look over the briefing notes before I get too lovestruck with the thing. I can view those in the Documents folder in the Mission Log, right? Isn-t this your first time using the Demonica, too? You really should check this stuff out."

Back to the command area.

Monitor Crew: "There's a rumor going around that there's intelligent life in the Schwarzwelt. The drones we sent in ahead of us were destroyed "in a manner inconsistent with accidents." ...Well, it's just a rumor. Our job is to find out the truth."

Well, that is what the Strike Team member said.

"I'll explain... When human activity exceeds the world's natural capacity, and the balance of energy topples... A corrective reaction occurs. It's simplest to think of it as Earth's antibodies attacking humanity. Dr. Hammerschmidt's theory involved a prediction... He believed another dimension would appear, one where intelligent life dwelled. Now the Schwarzwelt has appeared, proving the existence of other dimensions... And the destruction of the drones implies the possibility of intelligent life inside... Or so some are saying. I'm still wondering if it's actually true..."

"... Not committing one way or the other yet, mm? It may not be possible to reach a conclusion based on my rather simplistic explanation, but... Quibbling over evidence and proof is everything for us scientists. You haven't been trained for it. I am sorry to have imposed on you with such a strange question."

That was the choice taken, let's now see what the other two responses would've said.

"I am not one to draw conclusions without sufficient evidence, but... If there are intelligent beings in there, I most certainly intend to proceed with caution."

"Yes, that's what most normal people would say. It's hard enough trying to enter the place, let alone conceiving of anything living in there... We shouldn't come to conclusions until we've seen something with our own eyes."

And then it is just a question of exploring the other two areas. Afterwards, an announcement is received.
That announcement and the next events will be posted in the next update.