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by Luisfe

Part 5: Near Death

York is TRAINED. He is not a special agent elite military man for nothing, eh?

Engineer:"After all, if someone happens, you men on the strike team are our lifeline..."

Well that is not a fun way to start the mission.

Ops Woman:"The thrusters have stopped! We've lost navigation entirely!"
"Damn! Get me Engineering! Arthur, where is that analysis!?"

Arthur: "Current damage estimates indicate that further navigation will not be possible. Priority One is a soft landing. We will use our remaining energy reserves to control the ship."

Yeaah, it seems like York's confidence in the mission is going to be proven unfounded pretty fast.

Ops Woman: "We're going down, Commander!"
"Stay in there! Maintain evasive maneuvers! It's us or nothing! We can't afford to be sunk here!"

>"The Red Sprite fell with a deafening roar... "

no, York! No! Don't go for the light tunnel!

Wait. Isn't that a set from 2001?

No, wait, it is the White Lodge White Room, clearly.

>There are three gentlemen sitting here with you.

Wait, I am confused now. What is happening here?

They don't seem to consider the achievement of just getting inside the Schwarzwelt an impressive feat.

Well, that is depressing.

Left voice:"Leave him. He is but a soul that will soon crumble."
Middle voice:"No... No, this man... He may prove interesting."
Right Voice:"Now that you mention it... He does look like a hardy one. His soul will not be devoured so easily. "
Left Voice:"If the two of you say so, I will let your opinion sway me ... Up, young man. We shall send you back."

Ah, even if they do know about the end of the world, but they are not omniscient. Or maybe they are just polite?

What an honor.

Left Voice:"Now then, Francis York. Here in this blasted land of ruin, what will you find?"

Right Voice:"But first, you must fall. Fall and struggle. If a glimmer of hope exists within you... Show it to us."

that's not one of the three voices.

I guess that means it is time to return, eh?

Hey, that is cheating!

Hopefully he does, I mean that was a strange sequence in a white room that doesn't appear to be anywhere, and looks like a set from 2001.

... Or the afterlife?