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Part 7: Getting used to things

"You'll be relieved to know we can also take the Demonica now, so long as we're inside the ship. Kato, hurry and reboot Arthur. Williams, get the plasma armor back onlie."

Well, at least now that that particular emergency is dealt with, other issues can be taken on.

"Excellent work out there, York. But I want to know what this program is that lets us see our invisible enemies... "

tYLER: "But Commander, do you think it's okay for us to use?"
"The "Demon Summoning Program," huh? Strange name. A program that controls demons... I take that to mean it was demons that attacked us? Once we get Arthur back online, we'll have him analyze it. "

Kato: "He's been a little haywire since the crash. There might be some structural damage to the CPU... It'l get a little rough, but I'm going ot try hacking in. "

Kato: "Commander Gore, Sir, there seems to be a communication log of this "Demon Summoning Program." Looks like the program got distributed by overriding Arthur's administrative systems. "

Kato: "Contact with the outside world is cut off, so it must be from the Schwarzwelt... But beyond that, it's impossible to say. There's a message here, though.. Let me play it back."

Message: "You havearrived here in this Land ruled by Demons due to the Karma of Mankind. But Despair is not all that remains. There is still Hope nestled withni your Fear. The Demons you will encounter are your Enemies as well as your Allies. Will you stand against them? "

Well, considering that this is a SMT title and not being an insane person doing a "main character only" run, yes. That will happen.
Hell, is it even POSSIBLE to do a main character only run?

Message: "Humans, you must overcome Fear... Else, there will be no future. As your fellow Bearers of Karma, we assure you of this."

And soon what? What? Also, they existed before. Hm, what could that mean?

"Preposterous. This situation has become absolutely preposterous, but... Our fate's in the hands of this Demon Summoning Program now."

"You have my official authorization to use the Demon Summoning Program. Should you encounter any problems or malfunctions with the program, call them in immediately."

Well, that does not bode well. On the other hand, what could be happening there that could go wrong?

"Calm down, soldier! What's going on there!?"

Medical Crew: "I... I've never seen anything like it! Please! Send help!"

Mackie: "How were there still any left inside the ship!?"

Considering that they are the medics, it is likely that they don't have the weaponry the Strike Team possesses.

Well, a new mission!

But before doing so, let's take a look at the Lab.

Oh hell yes. Five free Medicines ought to come in handy. Medicines are the lowest healing items. But still, at this point, it is all greatly appreciated


>"It also auto-translates the demon language into the user's native tongue, enabling communication with the demons.
[Macca] Currency of the underworld, used by the demons of the Schwarzwelt. It is made of a type of energy that also powers the lab, sickbay, and other machinery. "

Since that is all said and done, let's advance to the Sickbay now, time to deal with whatever is happening there.

Medical Crew: "I was just attacked by these... These THINGS! There! They're right there!"

Huh, they can talk. Strange.

And there it goes. Slimes. What can be said about Slimes? They suck, they are not all that dangerous, and there are two of them. They are not fully analyzed, but we already know they are weak against Fire. To speed up analysis, hitting them sith their weakness element is reccommended.

Also, let's see the medicine.

36 HP. That is good.

And all that lead to a level up.

Medical Crew:"You saved me... Thank you! I- I... Okay... okay... I can't lose it now. Gotta calm down... There'll be injured to treat... I need to get this place ready to receive them!"

"Great work! It seems our demon analysis reports become more detailed the more we fight them. I guess it's one of the perks of the Demon Summoning Program."

Goddamnit, there can't be a success that will not be made irrelevant by a further crisis, can it?

Strike Team: "A few of the crewmen have been taken by hidden demons! We're still trying to sort out the details now... But we believe some of them have been taken outside of the ship!"

Well, a new mission will be immediately received.