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Part 10: Explosion time

This is to be heard while Gore speaks

"But the mission has also taken its toll in lives. A moment of silence for your fallen comrades, please."

"Now, on to the next order of business. Comms has got the radar working again, and they've performed a scan of our surroundings. We're picking up readings that seem to indicate a large ship. I think we can safely assume it's one of the ships we lost contact with before. Though there's been no sign of the other two yet..."

"There aren't many strike team members ready to mobilize, due to our encounters with the demons."
"So I'm aware, and I've already devised contingency measures."

Truly there is no possible way that having the commanding officer of the mission on the line of fire could lead to a disaster.

"In our emergency state, I have little choice. Strike team, I look forward to working with you."

"What!? Patch it through our Demonicas!"
"Copy that, Sir! Patching through now!"

I believe we have seen this person before.

Man: "Someone... Anyone! Aarrrrrrrrrrgh! Someone answer me, goddamnit!"
"This is Commander Gore of the Red Sprite! We have picked up your signal! Do you copy?"
Man: "The Red Sprite!? Y'mean you're not one of the Blue Jet crew?"
"Are you a member of the Blue Jet crew? State your name and team! What's the status of the Blue Jet?"

Well, yes, we had seen this dude before. Of course.

"I don't give a damn who you are, just hurry up and send help!"
"Jimenez...? Did I hear you right? Calm down, soldier! We'll confirm your location and dispatch reinforcements! What's the status of the Blue Jet? Is it still in one piece?"

I believe an Aliens reference could work there, but eh.

"We lost contact, Sir! "
"There's no time to waste! Have you got a read on his position yet?"
"He's near that ship we picked up on radar, Sir! That's the best I can give you!"
"Alright, people, it's a rescue mission! Save Crewman Jimenez!"

Yup. Official mission. And so on and so forth. There is no resting for York. Right after almost dying, and he is actually doing things really well. All things considered, York's a true trooper.

"It is imperative that we save him. I'll come along, but I'm still counting on all of you! The fate of the earth rests on your shoulders. Never forget it!"

"I still think it's too dangerous for him to be on the front line. It's against regulations."

Like for example, uh, this? York doesn't seem to be someone that respects all the rules. Or something. Yes. Something. In any case, Gore wants to do it and there is no stopping Gore.

"You're right... Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary action. If this is his decision, I'll go along with it. It's not that I don't think the Commander is capable, but it's more dangerous than we know out there. Should we really be letting our leader go into the field?"

"I'm slowly learning more about that program... It's set up like a communication module, but there's a custom protocol to connect to demons... Sorry, in layman's terms I guess that would be "summoning" them. You can summon demons as allies and carry them around. And of course, they can fight with you. It's looking like the best way to expand our forces will be to ally ourselves with more demons."

Well, of course it is not going to be so easy to realize all the functions and capabilities of a creepy supernatural program that allows one to summon goddamn DEMONS out of the air.

"Sends a chill down my spine."

Muccino"I was seriously on those demons' menu back there... Hm? What's with the face? You don't believe me? Here, you pretend you're a demon and take a good look at me."

He kind of reminds me of Grossberg from Phoenix Wright. Dunno why. In any case, no matter what is answered, the response is the same.

Big Boss would agree.

Yeeeess, "protect". Sure.

And here are the stats of our new Knocker. Bufu will likely be useful eventually, but not so much at the moment, when most things are weak against fire. Bufu is, as it is in all the other SMT games, the Ice line of spells. This is the weakest one.

"dislike. They hate whistling, so miners never whistle inside mines."

Now let's talk to the people at the sickbay.

"If conversation with demons is possible, they must have their own personalities and mindsets... I had imagined them to be more violent and animalistic, so this is very interesting. I'd like to talk to them sometime myself."

No time for that sort of tutorial right now! We have to save Jimenez! (after talking with everyone else)

"This sure is turning out different than what we heard. We're supposed to be investigating... How much use can a recruit like me be in conditions where we're struggling just to survive? I... I don't really have that much confidence in myself..."

And then, the Lab.

"Good of ya to come, Francis. You can count on good ol' Irving for everything' from weapons to items to apps! Or, that's how it used to be... But the dang material fusion equipment don't work without Arthur. Real shame, ain't it?"

"I was asked along for this mission to support Irving and everyone else in Supplies. Pleased to meet you."

Well, that's about it for the Lab.

"If you can save them, I know it'll do a lot for our morale. Whether or not we succeed this time could turn the tide of the whole mission. I think so, anyway."

"Based on how he was acting then, I'm not surprised he's still alive. Though he won't last long against the demons... Let's go. I don't want to lose a valuable fighting man."

Time to advance, yes.

There it is. But is there a way to it?

Hopefully that will be correct.

Oooh! Plastic explosives!

Just one? Damn. No liberal amount of BOOM, then? That's a shame.

"Let's find that man Jimenez! "

Messed up since this was supposed to show that there was a locked door on the northmost part of the map so far. Oh well. Maybe next time.

And a new recognized enemy. Next time we see it it won't be an indistinct blob of blue artifacts.
Or something. Yeah, in any case there it is.

The Knocker is fully recognized, but the Pixie is about to die. But look at that, York is going to give her a medicine! Can he do it in time before she dies of the next attack?

Of course he can! When selecting an item, York becomes instantly the first benig to make a move. Useful to know.

And there is the Boulder that Maebe mentioned. There is nothing to be done except to BLOW IT UP since it is the only way to advance, after all there is no other possible point of entrance. The doors are locked, and there are no other taccess points.

Of course, the door could probably be blown up with th c4 charge, I guess.

"All right, men, we have to get through here. The only way to the Blue Jet is through this blocked path. We have to get past this boulder!"

That's the spirit!

Hell yeah! The mission shall be done SUCCESSFULLY and th Earth shall be saved!

BOOM. Excellent. A magnificent unrendered explosion.



Technology makes it possible!

Of course, then all goes to shit.

Two uncaptured red flashes and this dude appears.

Note: Gloating is not a wise move.


One minor victory became one horrid and cruel defeat.

Strike Team: "That thing... It knocked everyone back like they were stuffed toys... What are we supposed to do against that thing...?"

"Call sickbay and get a med team on it! Listen... Our objective is to rescue Jimenez and any other remaining Blue Jet crew. But to do that it may be necessary to clear the area of demons. Keep that in mind! "

Yeeeah that is probably not the wisest course of action.

Well, nothing else to do BUT to help.