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Part 101: Yggdrasil again

Well this can be opened now. Let's see

What might have been stored behind a crazy-ass secret door?

Ugh, what? Just THAT?

But that works on this one. Let's see what is behind this area.

Hey, it is another guardian statue god thing.

Koumokuten: "We four Devas have come in response to the restoration of a world full of energy. Thou, as we, dost move according ot thy beliefs. If thou desirest the strength to carry out thy will. I am willing to train thee. Even should thy way divergeth from our own. "

Welp. This fight's gimmick is no MP. Oh well.

That sounds rather doable.

Koumokuten: "Naturally, thou canst not change demons in battle, either. If thou dost accept these terms, let us begin. "

Need some preparation first, but yeah why not.

Koumokuten: "So be it. When thou regainest thy confidence, returnest thou to me."

Yeah why not.

So there was no need to say no. Hah.

Koumokuten: "Now then, I shall limit thy spirit. "

Koumokuten: "Attack me in whatever manner thou canst!"

Well this seems rather doable doesn't it.

Particularly since items are NOT limited. Dumbass.

He hits hard though.

And Mabufula does nothing.

Eventually he goes down though.

Excellent, that was a succesful result.

And the furry became fusion fodder.

Yeah whatever.

Koumokuten: "But thou must aim for even higher peaks. Take this"

Woo, new items.

Koumokuten: "Thou must not neglect to hone any of the varieties of power."

Zouchouten is kind of boring, honestly.

This one is not accessible yet. That is unfortunate.

Well damn.

But this one seems like it could work, I mean, it worked in the other side.

Aniel: "To think that a human could come so far... It is clear that your power should not be taken lightly. What is less clear is how you shall use that power. it is this factor that will determine whether I am your friend or your foe. "

Aniel: "Perhaps you could fight me? With certain conditions, of course. You will have to defeat me within 7 turns. If you cannot, then even if you eventually emerge victorious, you will fail the trial. One thing besides... I will not allow you to change demons once the trial has begun."

That will have to wait a while.

yeah but not doing it at the moment.

Yeah that'll have to wait.

So let's instead go upstairs.

To the damn top.

Like this. Let's enter. We need to go here.

Yup. Kind of weird isn't it.

Hey there is stuff here.

Oh. It is Yggdrasil.


it wasn't like that the last time we were here. Which was like half a year ago.


Huh. I don't remember that thing.


So they fused together?

Well yes, it seems they did!

Norn: "And I see you, too, have grown a great deal in power. We scarcely recognized you... But it is this moment we have waited for. Listen and remember. You wandered the border between life and death here in the past. But you survived. That was due to the aid of another man."

GASP that is a plot twist that no one ever expected.

Norn: "We know you can do it; we have seen it happen. Change our fate."

Yeah why not.

Have to heal first I guess.

Which is NOW.

Well, time travel seems simple enough.

Yggdrasil: "Thou canst not comprehend what I have done! "

Well, damn. Past York is defeated.

Future York yes.

Yggdrasil: "But 'twill be no different this time. I shall stop time and smite thee!"

Well, Future York has the protection of the Norn.

Yggdrasil: "Accursed human! "

Level 44 eh?

And it hits hard! That is kind of dangerous.

But this works decently enough, I guess.

Eventually, the world tree also falls.

And Maguey lady levels up and becomes fusion fodder.

Yeah that works.

Yggdrasil: "Wh-Who art thou!? HOw dost thou hold such power!? Arrrrgh!"

Dis: "We send you to this moment when we regain our power, don't we? Still... I didn't think you would return with such strength... The deeds of humans which show faintly in their fading power... The prophecy was true. Thank you so much for saving us."

Norn: "Never for a moment since did I forget that battle. You fought well. Thank you ever so."

Oh nice, a new ring! Hopefully it will be a good ring.

Norn: "But should you need me, I will not hesitate to come to your aid. You may always call on me with the technology of humans. Then, it will be my turn to help you."

Oh nice.

Hell yeah.

But I guess nothing else can be done but to actually get here.