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Part 103: Ouroboros AGAIN

Haven't we killed a representation of infinity just now?

But, we just killed OUroboros Maia.

But Ouroboros is dead

"How is he here!? "

Gore: "To punish you... To punish humanity."

Oh boy. It is back. Fuck.

Ouroboros: "Now, human... you have brought upon yourself the torment of infinity... I will resurrect as many times as it takes... and fight you... There is only one escape: To die and return to the empty particles from whence you came... "

And Ouroboros attacks the team. That is not pleasant.

Yes, that was clear.

: "Great! Now what, Francis!? Do we fight her again? "

"She already said she'll only resurrect again! Just run, York! Hurry! "

Well I think that is an oreder that should be followed.

Welp. Damn.

"Let's get outta here, Francis!"

Jack's black demonica is not ominous at all. No sir.

Captain Jack: "I expected that the monsters of this world would make our egress difficult. We must be on uard. Now then, a word of warning about Ouroboros. We've confirmed on our end a number of entities sending energy to the Vanishing Point. Perhaps you should try using the Main App we presented you with. Very sorry that I can't be of more assistance, but... well, it seems worth a try, no?"

"There is in fact energy flowing into the vanishing Point from various points around Eridanus. It's most likely this very energy that's resurrecting Ouroboros."

Well, stoppable, but she will just come back.

Arthur: "This energy beam information will likely be useful in overcoming our present situation. Find the sources of this energy and remove them. "

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh no, please not.


"I'll see you later, Francis. We're done here."

"The monitor team has already identified some anomalous areas. I'll send you the data if you'd like to investigate them. Better than stumbling around blindly, yes?"

Oh at least it is still here in the uper floor.

Well thanks for small blessings.

Well this should not take too long.

Jack's Squad: "Damn... I don't know what I'd do with all that cash if I had it."

Oh my. Enemies with sinister areas!

Mandrake: "To send energy to OUroboros is my never-ending purpose in life. Are you trying to take my purpose from me? I won't let you! You'll be ripped to shreds first!"

Level 43? Well even so this one is not that bad.

But Black Frost levels and whatnot.


Kwancha: "But I have become one with OUroboros and now live eternally. Are you trying to sever the flow of energy? I will not allow it. You will soon learn the limits of the flesh!"

Also level 43. Literally can just be auto-battled to death.

Another one.

Frog? What.

Yeah yeah whatever.

Basilisk: "The great Ourobotos is she who gives me this energy! SO long as we send Ouroboros our energy, she is invincible! I will not fall to you!"

Basilisk is 10 levels lower. On the other hand they CAN stone you. Not pleasant.

York: "There has been a change in the energy pattern near the Vanishing Point. Go there and assess the situation. Be warned that there is a high probability that you will engage with OUroboros. I advise that you prepare yourself before going."

Well let's change the strategy. What worked in the first one

So this will work. There are things that need to be dealt with. There are things that won't work on the second time, there are some changes.


Yes. Yes you can.

First and foremost, we are using Doppelganger. Why Doppelganger if he 's weak against EXPEL and Ouroboros loves it?
So that's why using tetraja stones is a good idea there.

Also using the spell with Kaiming Shou. Basically that's the reason why Kaiming Shou is there and not the Kukunochi.

Yeah. Nulling the Expel, and having the others being immune. Could have made Doppelganger immune eventually, but that has not been shown yet.


So let's use this.

This is useful, but expensive. Fortunately, there's a bunch of them in the inventory.

But this one is the main reason why Doppelganger was brought to this fight. Wave of Death is a VERY strong physical skill.


Oh fuckdamnit, it also does the INFLICT STATUS EFFECTS thing. Needless to say that is not the best situation. At least Doppelganger does not hit that hard, but every bit counts.


A bunch of levelups. Excellent.

Huh, that is strange. Only strength. Damn.

Screw you, I like your skill loadout.

Hell yeah.

This one also goddamn weird.

Ouroboros: "No... Humans cannot... pass here..."

Oh boy, drops!

I like those things!

Gore: "Am... Am I supposed to defeat the humans? Or... is the fate of the world beggining to change? I don't know... Even with the knowledge you gave me... I don't know."

What love is?

Was it?

A weak kitten in a tux.

I dunno, that doesn't sound that hostile to me.

"Looks like we can finally ditch this dump. Hey, see that? The vanishing point is wide open?"

Arthur: "Congratulaions on defeating Ouroboros. The Vanishing Point has returned to its normal functionality. Mission "Find the Vanishing Point is confirmed complete""

Arthur: "The Red Sprite's mission is now moving into its escape phase. All crewmen must return to the ship or gather at the Vanishing Point. "

Well end point is getting closer!

Yeah, that will be a good thing!