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Part 105: Fornax

So presenting itself is Arthur's equivalent of the Windows chime eh?

Arthur: "Auto-recovery from system crash is complete. All functions normal. Integrating new important data. System update complete. Resuming normal functions... "

Arthur: "I will assess the situation and begin devising a plan immediately. "

Jimenez does not like Arthur, clearly.

"What happened? Where are we? What should we do? Can you explain it to us? Do you even know the answers? "

Arthur: "The Red Sprite's escape attempt ended in failure. THis is due to the Schwarzwelt's layout being more complex than we expected... As well as the interference of the three unknown life forms. In short, we were unprepared to attempt the escape."

Mia"We were all so psyched about getting home, and look at us! Hahahah! What a laughingstock we are!"

"I'm sure it knows what it's talking about."

I am gonna assume that yes, the fire of man referred to atomic weapons.

Arthur: "There is no sign that the Schwarzwelt has been destroyed."

"So that's where we stand..."

Arthur: "First, we must ascertain the Red Sprite's location. It seems our current position is in a sector unlike the others we have seen in the Schwarzwelt. Judging from the available data... THis sector is closer to the Schwarzwelt's original state."

Some comfort.

Arthur: "It is Exotic Matter, a material that controls space-time navigation away from the Vanishing Point. It was this Exotic Matter that led us here."

Arthru: "By collecting Exotic Matter, we can progress deeper into the Schwarzwelt. This will expand our navigational options from the Vanishing Point."

"This "new information" you just referred to... You mentioned some "new important data" when you rebooted, too. Where did you get this information."

Arthur: "It was transmitted to me from outside the ship. "

Arthur: "I believe it was the same entity you refer to as the "three unknown life forms.""

Well if there is nothing else to go forward with.

Though yeah, are those things EVEN moderately trustworthy?

Alternatively, they prevented the Red Sprite from being destroyed in nuclear fire.

Arthur: "However, your objections have no bearing on the significancd of this information. It is consistent with our findings and does much to explain the Schwarzwelt phenomenon. Our failed escape, our current location, the remaining unexplored areas... All are accounted for. I can come to no other conclusion than that their information is legitimate. They simply know more about the Schwarzwelt than we do."

Athur: "It appears as though they desire our continued progress. They have provided us with even more previously unknown location. "

Two Hebrew letters?

Could very well be. But we do not have another way of progressing than checking it out, right?

Yes, that.

"Just when it turns out there's no point to anything we did so far, we're briefed on a new target. You gonna just salute and say "Yes, Sir!" to that?"

"Isn't there any other way? I'm not at all comfortable with this plan. Moreover, given the circumstances, I must question your judgement."

Arthur: "However, I understand yours and the rest of the crew's concern that I am malfunctioning. Perhaps it is best if all crewmen are given the option not to participate in this mission."

"Can you proceeed with the mission with such concerns?"

Well I dunno.

Well, Tyler is pumped for it, clearly.

Too pumped, maybe.

"As for me, I would rather not sit and wait for death, thank you. We're only alive now because we seized every chance we had. "

"I'll stay on as a member of the Red Sprite's crew. At least until we find out whether or not there's Exotic Matter here."

"If there is only one option available to us, I see no point in argument."

Arthur: "In that case, let us proceed to the assignment."

A Furnace constellation?

Arthur: "I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Fornax's Exotic Matter""

Arthur: "It remains possible for us to return to previously explored sectors... But this sector should be our chief concern at present. I regret that we are no longer able to contact the Joint Project, but please remain calm. I look forward to the succesgful completion of your mission."

That looks like the Amala Network, a bit.

Seriously, that looks like Amala.

Strike Team A: "Sad to say, but this definitely isn't Earth. We sure got dumped into one crazy place, huh?"

Strike Team B: "How far does it go? Why is it here?"

Uh. Yeah. Let's explore.

"It's one strange place, but... it's almost relaxing."

You know York. Cool as a cucumber.

Yes, let's.

There are weird tiles with men in them. Or something.