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Part 106: Exploring Fornax

Well, let's explore this.

Rotating men in tiles. Weird.

New enemies!

Yeah. Level 44.

Oh boy.

Well that wasn't too hard. What the hell is Kinmamon?

Will have to check out what the hell it is when it is time to fuse it. Hah.

Oh boy, Futotama. Let's see what this dude says.

Futotama: "Who art thou? What business hast thou here? I am Futotama. Some do not give me the proper shrifst, but I am in truth quite a high-ranking god. "

Can't even see Futotama's face since he is covering it with that mirror.

Futotama: "Son of man, I thank thee for thine aid. I, too, have come here in search of the Lady Amaterasu, but... Even my divinations cannot locate her. "

The what.

Missing image - Explaining that he will cooperate with the search.

Hooray new item.

Futotama: "The mirror reflectheth only the truth. Even the Marebito Robe cannot hide from it. Use it in thy search for the Lady Amaterasu. Now then, I shall return to Ame no Uzume. I feel that area to be the most suspicious, in the end..."

Well, I had forgotten about it. I was thinking that it was finding the encounter again, not a special one, but just had not bothered.

Bah! No description!

Yeah, a magic mirror.

Jackal headed stoen haha.

Always good to have these kind of items.

Two goddamn bird things!

And of course a new type of base forma.

Hey, it is Kaiwan!

And Loki's daughter.

Well damn. That was fast.

Yes, will do so.

At least there is a secret door that makes it faster.

She won't talk to us.

And neither will Balor. Assholes!

Fortunately, Vivian's Frolic is GREAT. High probability for Charm.

Hm, there is a terminal here.

Hah. Kaiwan drops a mustache. Unless that is Hel's? What.

Kaiwan's got a weird dialog style.

Eh, Kaiwan's not too dangerous.

Well yes.

Kaiwan: "Demons talk of it badly, but here are some good situations. Yet and, you are a happy conversationist. I am a striking fellou--hard to keep speaking along with. Is your experience behind? THat has impresses. So I will hand you this. It is not an impressive thing, but you are to be encouraged from it."

Always useful.

Seriously. It is less annoying than the weird things in Devil Summoner. Good.

Yeah I think the mustache was Hel's, not Kaiwan's. Weird. I did not see a mustache in her.

Tlaloc and Doppelganger form a weirdass vampire.

He's unintellegible.

Smug furry can become a Grendel!

For some reason I think of late 90's album cover.

"Those who commit suicide, witches, criminals, and perjurers make good Strigoii after death."

And here's a heal terminal.

Again this throws me off. It is confusing that Amrita does a completely different thing in SMT than in Etrian. And I've been playing a bit of Etrian 3 lately.

Abusing the Penguin King to level up new recruits fast so my team is not completely useless against the brick wallish 4th Stratum boss? Good plan. If I had chosen the other story path it would be better, easier boss, and a better unlockable class.


At least this one speaks to York.

Well let's go back to the base.

"The Joint Project was so sure... all of mankind was! This is impossible! What else don't we know about th e Schwarzwelt! "

"It's like there's literally some higher power ruling over us... toying with us... Can we break from its rule. We'll just keep doing what we can... It's the only thing we have left."

"The failure of the plan to destroy it is disappointing, but I'm more worried about waht comes next... If you keep stewing inside over this failure, it may trip you up on guture missions. Keep a clear head. I do my best to care for the crew's mental health, too."

""Is this really the end? Did we maybe overlook something? " And then boom, this happens. I have such good intuition it makes me wanna cry. Well... Nothing will come of me rambling on here. Let's go back out and hope for another chance. "

Let's see what is new.

Yay, regeneration.

And impromptu joinings. Hooray.

Oh boy. Anthony.

Seems like it.

I think I know where this is going.

Yes, please. Please do so.

Oh. Well. Yes.

The sound cut off there.


What no. This is not the correct thing to do.

Yeah you are being massively creepy.


I hope it is LILIM. And not something even creepier, like the Moh Shuvuuh.


It is the goddamn Moh Shuvuh. God damn it, Anthony, stop being fucking creepy.

Yeah no. That does not work on the internet, you are a creeper, Anthony.


Also, 10 Stones. Eh. Not the hardest one.

Screw you, Dent!

The reward is rather anemic, but every bit counts.

"I don't know what they want, but they've got some nerve treating us like pawns... I guess talking it over won't solve anything. We have to go. That's the only way we can fight back."

Well, next time we get to see that part we haven't seen o f this map.