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by Luisfe

Part 108: Oh no, Alice

Very well, left it is

Huh, there is a structure there.

Oh, it is the stairs. Let's go down.

And the up is similar.

Hah, Zaccoum drops faces. It is goddamn weird.

Oh, an elevator!

It reaches several places!

But of course we are not gonna check that right now, there's stuff going on and we need to check out the rest of the floor.

And Kukunochi finally drops off a source.

Let's see if this works.

It did! Making weirdass animal noises works from time to time!

Not the best damn result but eh.

Well let's go down once more.

Oh hey, it is Kinmamon.

Kinmamon: "You are, from far away? Then, both of us? That's that. Then we battle."

Also, Balor with a Marin Karin helps!

About time! This Moirae will become fusion fodder!

Ah, a voice? Whose voice could it be?

Why yes I want to know who it is.


Oh boy.

Nothing good can come out of this can it.

Besides being a horribly creepy undead thing with the worst/best instant kill spell?

White rabbit!
White Rabbit!


Well yes, that is what rabbits do. Haven't you ever seen Watership Down?

Yes why not.

That's what I am doing!

Well yeah. What's the worst that could happen?

Well let's try this.

That does not sound good.

So eight phases, eh?

Well, let's start!

But let's not take such a rush to get there.

And this is why we got Airavata here. Paraladi. Hell yes.

And abundant heals.

Going down again.

Oh! A bunny! Let's see what the bunny says!

So he is not running because he is getting late? He wants to get away from Alice.

Yes. I agree.

Hey! That is not nice!

Demon: "He went into some room nearby... I wonder if he fel through a hole."

Considering that we just saw York fall through one by almost accident, yeah, the bunny probably did it as well. But in purpose, not by accident.




Why not?
Well, I know why. Yes.

Hey, it is Zaccoum!

Demon: "You seem baffled... Well, dearie, maybe there's a path only the rabbit knows about."


Agh god damn it. One way door. Well, here's the elevator.

Let's see where the elevator goes to.

This is not particularly interesting to visit.

Yeah we've been here before.

Oh. We failed.
Oh well.

Yeah. There will be a next time. Not right now though.

Huh, this dude has a different message.

So it's not just poor York that falls through the goddamn holes and gets annoyed at it.

Awful moans? That can't be good.


Well, crap.

This clearly leads to a hole.

See? I knew it. I knew it.

And that leads to more goddamn holes.

I am starting to rather dislike this goddamn area.

Is it a source?

Nope. She is not completely analized. Not yet.

Oh boy. Even better. Damage floor.

And POISONFLOOR. Joy of joys.

Let's go through the damage floor. That is better.

Something bust through here.

Well this is always a useful thing.

I bet this is a goddamn one way door.

And this is probably a hole!

Well damn. It wasn't.

Oh. I should've seen this.
A goddamn heal terminal.

And a save. Damn.
Well, this is convenient.

Another damn obvious hole.

Yet another.

And one more.

Need to come back. Need to resupply.


At least A PIECE OF THAT got explored.