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Part 109: Mithras

Well let's get items. There's new stuff!

Instant kill stones.

And let's also sell a shitload of these things.

Back into the fray.

I guess Magic is not gonna get that many upgrades for a while, it is already 14 points higher than the next highest.

Yeah shut up, give me your Source.

I almost forgot: New goddamn armor. Yeah, that ought to work for a while.

Expensive though.

Shut up! Become fusion fodder!

Fusion Fodder I said!

Tlaltecuhtli has a weird design!

This is an interesting skill! But I am saving it for something else.

Black Frost will work nicely.

Oh yes. That will be fine.

Yeah shut up-

And then resummon this.

The Throne is rather creepy.

And Jack Frost's Resist Ice will work nicely on this.

Yes. That.

Throne can become a goddess. Nice.


So let's fall down holes. Holes. Lots of holes.

Yeah. Holes. hooray.

Jesus fuck, I probably missed another secret door. Damn.

More falling downs.

Oh. So a boss is nearby. Excellent.

Will do so

Holes! holes EVERYWHERE.

Yes, excellent. A terminal. A boss is definitely nearby.

And more knocked down walls. Hah.

Hey that sounds like an important item!

Yes. THat.

Well we'll have to check that out later!

Cannot complain of having two more full-team fullheals.

This is surely going to be a hole isn't it?

Nope. It was not.

Oh hey, it is Mitra.


Oh hey
It is a furry.

So, madscience is his tame aspect? Haha.


So which is the neutral choice?

Mithras: "The sin of man is forgetting the gods and losing harmony with the land and rivers! Humans are not fit to receive the blessings of the gods!"

Mithras: "Evil? You claim it is we who are the impure ones!? Do you foolish humans not remember who made this planet!?"

Mithras: "You dare to pretend at yielding to me, human? You seem to recognize our power, using us in battle as you do, but I tell you this... You still do not grasp the whole."

So let's choose the middle one.

Mithras: "And you... you will not escape my curse! No more experiments! The time for research is over! Now is the time for atonement and death, human!"

Level 50. Well this should be doable.

Randy Shot is not gonna work on the boss.

But will Agidyne work!


Maybe physical will have a better effect, haha.

Strain is annoying. Less terrible than Poison though.

Yeah. Like that.

God damn it.

Having to replace dead units is kind of annoying.

Screw you, Mithras.

Screw you, Strigoii, that skill stays there!

Yes. Good.

Yes, it can!

Three times? What?


At least Fornax looks better than Bootes.

She's angry.

Emergency? What?