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Part 111: Jack's place

Arthur: "Patching the camera feed through to the viewscreen."

"Well, there's nothing in these armospheric scans that indicates any danger."

Muccino: "It's no use. I'm not getting any response at all. Looks like they have no intentions of answering our hails. "

That would not be a good thing.

Arthur: "We may be required to contact them directly this time as well. Therefore, I advise we disembark and approach them. The team should be composed of crewmen they are familiar with to make proceedings go smoothly."

Arthur: "Be friendly and take care not to cause any unnecessary trouble."

Well let's see that.

"Now I'm REALLY curious what they're doing here... Nice place they got here, though... It's air-conditioned, climate controlled... "

Oh what the hell, no, don't do that, that was annoying and bothersome in goddamn Prometheus.

On the other hand, this one is explicitelly man made, Jack's Squad made it.

But god damn.

"They've practically built themselves a resort..."

It learned to talk! Somewhat!

"Haha, you're just nervous 'cause you've never been here before. Calm down li'l guy. Alright, Francis. Let's go have a chat with Jack."

Not quite the friendly sort is he?

Well that's downright rude.

Yup. Talk, parley, negotiate. Nothing aggressive, curiosity and wanting to know WHAT THE FUCK.
They made their own sector in the schwarzwelt.

Aw why the hell not?

Ryan: "I'm sure you have plenty of questions about this base, but you're better off walking away. This ain't earth. "

"You're not even gonna let us drop in and say hi? Having cushy digs like this without saying a word is kinda... "

Shit, they are building Rapture.

Ryan: "But you step out of line... Well, you know what happens then. You're badly outgunned. Don't even think of trying anything. "

Oh? God damn it.
So the private party got better and more powerful shit than the goddamn multinational team tasked with SAVING THE GODDAMN WORLD?
God damn it, Illuminati. You should've equipped the team better!

God damn it.

"Fair enough. Let's go back to the ship, Francis. We know they'r not out to start a war, at least. Let's just report that much."

What the christ.

Oh, so not just an asshole? A lying asshole?

So he would hit his demons instead of just popping them back to the memory banks?

It's a rather unique one.

Hm. Dunno, I think Jimenez is rather attached to Bugaboo to sell it, even if he IS a merc.

He could copy the registred version I GUESS? I mean Bugaboo did get destroyed once. And then restored.

That's the exit. Can't go forward. Unfortunately.

Huh. They have things in containers.

Also, crates.

But do you have to be such assholes about it?

What the hell, that is being quite assholish!

That's not being quite mercantile!

Arthur: "They do not appear to have any intention of disruptiong our investigations. However, theyir highly advanced technology alone should be cause for concern. "

Tyler: "We can't stare each other down forever, right? "

Uh I don't know. They making a goddamn new dimensional pocket is cause enough for worry.

Keeping tabs on them maybe?

Yes, exactly.

On the other hand they are not being open with us. At all.

Yes, hell they said that the investigative team would be goddamn out gunned to begin with.


Huh? Do tell?

Oh, well, that does explain it.

Hm. Should York volunteer for a clearly terrible mission?