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Part 112: Oh well it was rhetorical

Well yeah. Let's volunteer.

Well shit. It was rethorical? Assholes.

No goddamn shit. They are being antagonistic assholes. With a brand new place they MADE FROM NOTHING.

"They're hiding something big. Plus, I thought it might be nice to kick back here instead of running around a new sector, haha. I mean, technically, I'm Blue Jet crew anyway. I'm not even part of the Red Sprite."

If you are not even gonna let me try why offer the option! Assholes.

Arthur: "If the crew as a whole approves, you have my permission."

Tyler: "Frankly, I thought you were a selfish, hot-headed ass. But you're willing to make sacrifices too, eh?"

"I say what I think and I do what comes naturally. That's all. "

"I don't know if you're telling the whole truth or not, but... I'm behind you. It'll be though, but I know you can do it."

Well. If that's how it's gonna be. Back to Fornax with us.

"I'm not so sure it's best that we send you out like this, Jimenez. I think we should come up with another way... "

"But if you don't, you can at least do me the favor of sending me off with a smile."

If it is not obvious, that is "See you later."

Oh well.


"I mean, I'm sure he has his own agenda, but... It's still a big sacrifice for the team."

"Although... knowing him, he wouldn't stand for letting anyone else be assigned anyway. I'll continue to monitor Captain Jack's actions."

Wolf: "Well, if he didn't volunteer, I would have! ... I mean, I wish I could, but if something happened, I'm nowhere near good enough to take them on. So I'll just keep my mouth shut and go about my regular duties..."

New area fills the last empty area in this particular screen.

But this other one is forebodingly empty. WHAT COULD THAT MEAN I WONDER.

Let's give it a visit. A small one. Won't take long.

Yeah maybe.

Well shit. Cover blown?

Oh. Nevermind.

Sounds like a plan.

Yeah whatever, let's get this over with.

Let's fuse this furry. It's about time.

90's metalcore cover grendel. Yes.

Yeah shut up.

Grendel can eventually become NotDracula, and something called Mushussu. That's gonna take a bunch of grinding.

"Grendel in his lair below the lake and beheaded him."

Let's finish this bullcrap.

God damn it this is tedious.


Falling down, exploring, finding another goddamn hole. Yay sleep effect floor.

And also damage floor. Bah.

Of course one way doors are to be expected.


Fusion fodder, for sure.

Seriously this bullcrap is tedious.

It's not something I actively HATE like god fucking damn teleporty Eridanus
but it is bad.
And this coming from someone who is currently addicted like HELL to Etrian 4 and its bullshit.

Let's go out.

Weirdass thing!

And a tiger!

Let's get the big cat.

Gnome eh?

Okay that looks pretty weird.

Not a terrible powerset.

Yeah whatever, shut up.

The gimmick here is that Prime demons when fused to something rank up or down in the family. Yeah. Baihu into Odin's horse? Hahah.

But meanwhile, Ares and Vivian are gonna get turned into a monkey.

Yeeeah that is a good skill to inherit.

Almost done with this particular floor.

This one is still missing some shit.

Another run through and this is opened. Agh.


Oh god no this is a bad encounter. A BAD encounter.

"Then show me thy power... And what thou canst do with this world."

Bullshit, it is level 61 and HELL NO. Not yet. I shoudl go to previous areas and fight the fiends there. But not this one. Not yet.

GOD DAMN Luster Candy is great isn't it? I need something like that.

Eventually, Sarasvati shall be formed from a MOirae and a weirdass angel.

Yes fuck this. Almost done.

Like that.

Seriously, this is just tedious busywork.

Can surely make use of this crap.

Guess what man, you go to the fusion.

As well as this.

Okay this one is over. It is bullcrap!

And this.

Back to floor number below 1. I am rather annoyed by this.

OH FUCK did not chase the rabbit. Well.
Eventually. Fuck.

What the hell is a Pachamacac?

A weirdass fishnman.

And a strange-ass sumerian thing.

Yeah let's do that.

Yeah. Sumerian!

So, center or right next?