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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe

Part 113: Through the center of it.

Very well, let's go inside in the middle.

Well, what. That was rather anti-climactic. Qute short. Not even one corner.


Demon: "You can't see him, but hoo boy, is he ever angry."

Huh. That was simple.

Always a good drop.

No, seriously, this layout is far too simple.

This always messes me up. Amrita in Etrian and Amrita in SMT do different things.

Well, let's fuse shit. And summon shit. Heals!

Healing is always important.

Demon: "Who? Dude, the ancient gods who've regained their powers, that's who. Heheheh... There ain't no turnin' back now."

There must be atrick around here.

T his is getting kind of old.


Hm, well, there is stuff here, must be getting close!



Voice: "I won't let you get past here!"

Oh god DAMN it.

Well, we can't get there. Not at the moment.
Well then.

What skill does he want to change?

My oh my. That IS useful. Acid Breath lowers defense by two, so it is ALWAYS useful.
Most bosses reset if you get them down 4, but you can usually do 3. Can't with Acid Breath but it is useful.

Hell yeah.

Very well, can't do shit in the middle. Let's try the right.

Hm. Kind of symetrical, eh?

Always useful, that. But I am rather stingy.

Oh hey, this furry spawns here.

Yeah whatever, can summon you whenever I damn want to.

The old man personality is hilarious.

Yes I'd like that.

Oh god damn it, you take my shit and then bail out? God damn it.

Asshole bird.

But this one accepts! Nicely done.

Another attempt and the old man does accept. Unfortunately...

Not one solitary slot. Goddamnit.

So let's fuse some crap.

Hey. It is a damn SMT1/2 asset.

And you are fucking creepy.

It can become catoblepas and Loki! Loki would be good to have.

Catoblepas is goddamn creepy.

And Loki's new design is rather bitchin'.
Loki's getting summoned first for sure.

Yeah just get in.

Huh. What the hell.

So gryphons indicate gold sources? Interesting.

I should reread the Sinbad stuff. That was fun. Alternatively just watch the Fleischer cartoons.
Wasn't there a Dreamworks Sinbad thing? I forget.

Well, let's go down.

Well, this is a dull layout so far.

BUUUT here's a door! Let's see what is behind it!

Oh JESUS FUCKING CHRIST not this again.
Let's see what else is there.

Well this is crap. Someone advances fastet than York, and gets murderized for his or her efforts.

Oh what the fuck.

God damn it this is just inconvenient!
And unlike Etrian I can't just mark the spot with an icon so I don't forget.

Well, fuck. Crashing against walls it is.