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Part 114: Dark and fusion



Please no more dark area.


Well that was not so painful.

And there is a convenient heal spot right off the bat. Going right eh?

Hm. Sounds like a tuna/cactus pear. Those are nice.


I am not pleased

This is dull, boring and terrible.

God damn it. You can tellI am not happy in this sector. Yeah.

Guess what. THis goes nowhere.

To advance, go from here. Go east.

Heey, it is FUSION TIME!

Gnome, by being a Prime, works to advance or decrease the rank in a family of demons. Yes. So that is why Clotho can be turned into Atropos.

Or Gryphon becomes Ammut. Yeah.

Just go forward east. Until here.

But then go north. Up here. Then you can advance.

But let's continue with the fusion. Fusion!

She's quite happy!

Gonna be a while until we can use her for another thing though!
Hamaon AND Mudoon? yeah. THat is gonna be useful.
Hm. I recently acquired Wizardry 6 and 7. Will eventually get Wiz8. Do they depend much on asshole instant kills?
Eh. Will find out soon enough.

Let me GUESS: More goddamn darkness.

Jesus fuck more and more.

But at least that was straightforward enough.

Oh. A terminal! Yes. Yesss.

Leeet's see.

Doors north and south.

DARKNESS. DARKNESS IN BOTH SIDES. FUCK. But at least here's something. I wonder that is there.

Ooh. Stairs. Hooray.

More fusion fodder.

A chimera, eh? THat could be useful.

But first this had to happen.

Once that source was acquired, we can fuse this asshole. No Bellerophon to kill it though.

It should say it was killed by Bellerophon!

Now that we are fusing, let's get into it. Let's summon a PRIME.


And then what happens if we put them both tgether?

Hmm! This is an interesting thing! It is like half a ying/yang!

But what does it do? WHAT DOES IT DO? It does not change the fusion recipient. Hmmm...

Oh my.
It increases stats!

And it can make them learn a new skill or two!

But let's just keep this one with the base two, so the inheritance works better and recipients learn CHARGE and Concentrate. Damn. Charge and Concentrate are GREAT skills.

Yeah whatever.

"Their name comes from the greek phrase "earth-dweller""

And this is a SMT1/2 design. You can tell.

Aw yiss.

Aw YISSS. Concentrate is great. It increases the magic attack's strength

And then get more primes. Primes raise or lower the tier in a family. Yeah. Already mentioned that.
Fuse two primes, you get a mitama.
Fuse two mitamas and ????

Hm. From Atropos to Dakini. That's gonna take a while.

Bufu as an inheritance skill is pretty goddamn lame at this point.

So, let's make another Mitama!

a HAPPY Mitama.

And afterwards, let's make yet ANOTHER Prime that was not done before. I should've done this a long time ago.

Holy balls. Luster Candy. That is a great skill!
What does it do?
It is the opposite of a Debilitate. It increases all the stats in your party. It is pretty goddamn nice.

I likey.

A goddess, eh? Yes, let's get that.

... And then waste it. In yet another goddamn Prime.

Unfortunately not enough money. Wasted stuff. Damn.

But affording crotch thrusting furry is possible. Bah!

Let's get another Mitama.

ANGRY Yin or Yang.

Strength and agility. Good stuff.


And here they have another goddamn door!

Hm. Another stairs down.

Hm? Stairs up? What?

Well goddamn.

Oh. Fuck it. More goddamn darkness. Screw this.