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Part 116: Jack's Squad HQ

Tyler: "They used us while they could, and the instant we become useless to them, they tuen on us!"

Terry: "We don't know much yet, but it's always possible Jimenez did something reckless. What's the situation, Arthur?"

Arthur: "It seems he left his watch position without explanation. "

Arthur: "The likelyhood of his capture by Jack's Squad is high. If we would communicate with them, we could easily settle this, but as usual our hails are unanswered."

Well, it is time to visit Jack's HQ I guess.

"If only he'd thought it through a little more carefully... "

Mia: "Jimenez was right all along! We couldn't ignore what Jack's squad was doing!"

"Now, on top of demons, we have Jack's squad to contend with..."

Oh? Well maybe we will know their reasons, motivations and justifications?

Yes who the hell else could it be.

Who the hell is Mackie again?

Hey it is the Cap himself!

Captain Jack: "But you've gone back on your word. You've infringed on the agreement; violated our contract. Our good neighbor policy is at an end. Any friendly relations we had are null and void."

Tyler: "What did you do with Jimenez!?"

Captain Jack: "Your crewman, Jimenez... He entered our base without our permission and sabotaged our experiment labs. It's difficult to classify this undermining of our operations as anything other than a hostile act."

We certainly did not know about that.

Captain Jack: "He snuck into the lab and let loose our... experimental materials. We were quick to regain control of the situation, so there were no unrecoverable losses. But if we had noticed it only minutes later, the damage would have been severe."

Welllll that explains what Jimenez was trying to do. He did not care for them doing something with their demons.
Well, York is not exactly innocent from experimentation with demons he's captured (see: Every single fusion)

Well that's what pokemons are for.

Well yeah. That might not have been the best result for everyone involved.

Yes that has been established.

Yes. Zelenin is just repeating everyting. Bah.

Interdimensional lolbertarian things possibly.

Captain Jack: "We're simply doing our utmost to effect our business plan. There's certainly no reason you should interfere."

Well then. Now THOSE are grounds for us to interfere.

Not if York has something to say about that. No.

Or can you!? Dunn dunn dunnnnnnn.

Captain Jack: "I have no intention of forgiving him for what he's done. Our research team is top-hole. I'm sure he'll be put to good use."

Captain Jack: "I believe you've underestimated us. Did you think the Schwarzwelt was safe enough that you could enter half prepared? "

Yup. That happened to three of the goddamn ships. Damn.

Well shit.

That does mean that we're gonna have to do a damn rescue mission.

Damn them, yes.

He's gonna get experimented on, didn't you hear?

We'll have to ask him that!

Yes, but why?

Agreed. Going rogue solo was a bad idea!

That would be a bad idea even if he has not been the asset York has been!

Arthur: "It is not entirely impossible to infiltrate the Lightning. The Lightning would most likely have to use most of its energy to support this space-time location. In this instance, the Lightning would have insufficient power to use its weapons. There should be little preventing the Red Sprite from landing at their base."

Mackie: "The question is, can we beat them?"

Good question!

They are now agressive against us instead of just a commercial relation!

Yeah that would not be something good for any of us at all!

Arthur: "In that light, it would be dangerous to ignore the situation."


Maybe? They are libertarians, after all.

Terry: "I have no objections to the plan, but I'm turning back the instant something happens."

Arthur: "Begin the journey to Jack's Squad HQ..."

Well that was uneventful.

That was less than MGS-ish.

"Guess they're waiting to see what we do first."

"now to figure how we get into their base."

Arthur: "We will invade immediately in force. Exercise every available method to save Crewman Jimenez. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Save Crewman Jimenez.""


Oh! Sabotage mission then? Not just recover the crewmember but CRIPPLE Jack's Squad? Yes. I like that.

Let's go to the lab.

Yeah now use the two goddamn mirrors man.




Well let's see what new things we can buy.

A new knife that seems useful.

One slightly less useful.

A new gun that ain't replacing our current gun at all. Elec spray? No.

And armor. Hm. Hms.

A ring that has absolutely no benefit compared to the other one we have at the moment. Could do well with the elec spray gun. But no.

Let's get this one. It is slightly weaker, but it is strong against mudo, while York remains inherently resistant against Expel/Hama. Fff.

And this knife. Sold a bunch of forma to get some funds. Should be murderizing more demons for their formas AND those crazy-ass non-random encounters. They give the most money.

"It's all about money, deep down, isn't it? Humans at war over money... Hasn't there been enough of that kind of thing in our world? Bringing that nonsense into the schwarzwelt... the demons must be laughing at our stupidity. "

"But Jimenez isn't stupid. He's a professional mercenary. He'd never do something like that. There must have been some sort of accident... I don't see any other explanation."

"The Joint Project, meaning us, are here for the sake of mankind. They're just opportunists out to make a quick buck. And we always knew that! I was a fool to believe them even for a second!"

"Well, there's no going back now. Just do your best out there. Seeing humans fight each other in a place like this makes me ill..."

And a future fusion. Senri and Chimera make Fat Oberon, instead of small, young Oberon from Nocturne. Chimera has not dropped its Source yet, but soon. Soon.


Let's go down to Jack's Squad's HQ.

Same as in the previous time we were here.

No? Why not? Who is going to stop me? You and what army?

Hm. Well that is quite sociopathic.

Isn't that disobeying? Damn.


That's not quite an army. York ought to be able to deal with these dudes easily. Even if they ARE level 48 and all.

So let's use this.

But can we use mamudoon on them?


Except no. They block it.

But they go down easy enough.


Arthur: "Though it was unforseen, you have engaged Jack's Squad. Continue the mission with caution."

Yup. They have demon things inside those containers.

oh nice, save and heal terminals right at the start.

Uh, yes? Join York and be stored in his demonica's memory banks maybe ?

Oh. Aw.

Well, you should give at least one damn. Otherwise, York will be forced to kill you horribly.

Like it happened. Also, uh. The stairs? Okay.