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Part 117: Louisa warns York

Well well, let's explore.

Strangely, you can talk with the demons the soldiers are carrying. You can even add them to yoru party. THat seems kind of like an oversight. Dunno.

But not in this case.

Soldier: "Look! You're not even doing anything with your hands or feet!"

And then he attacks. Oh well.

But a couple of rounds on autofight and it is over.


Well, things can not be dealt with via dialogue. Unfortunately.

Hey, a Sergeant! A new type of soldier.
Unfortunately, we can't see what he is gonna say since we can't talk to him.

Of course, fuck you, you get shot in the arm.

And after an uneventful and rather dull fight, Gryphon gives us its source.

Just like that.

Care had nothing to do with it. It was more like the idiocy to face someone that has killed GODS. Deities of some sort. Or something.

Pathetic? Didn't you get horribly beaten already?


Demon: "Day in, day out, morning to night, nothing but torture... I can barely move a single muscle anymore... I wanted to live longer."

Boo hoo. Let's do our own experiment.

Eventually, when source has been acquired, Alraune shall be part of York's menagerie.

Let's see what is in this other alcove.

It is a lab with a bunch of monitors and tubes. What is this, an Umbrella subsidiary?
Did Umbrella have any lolbertarian-ish motives or were they just sillilly evil for silly evil's sake?
I don't know I don't remember much of the RE plot, and the last one I played was 4. I did get 5 for free for Steam on green man gaming though.

Oh. Oh! Mutilated demons? That is not the best image to have.

But is that any better than mixing and matching their data bits to make new ones ? (the latter is cleaner)

Yeah shut up. Not like we have not seen that happen before in this title.

Well. A wriggling torso demon.

Humans? Cursed? News to me. Unless said curse is the schwarzwelt happening. But eh, whatever.

Need humanity?

So this is a reverse Monsters Inc.
Rage powers a weapon, instead of screams being monster electricity. Yeah.

Hm yes that is what York does with the program.
THat's true

Jack's Squad might NOT have the Demon Summoning Program. Maybe. On the other hand without it they wouldn't even be able to see the demons right?
Eh, does not matter.

Isn't that what York's been using all this while.

Jack's Squad: "What is security doing, letting you in here!? Damnit! You'll be the first test of our new weapon!"

Yeah. Whatever. Look how much I care.

Well I do care when one of the things I am trying to level up ddies. So there.

Or when York is about to die. Yeah. That as well.

Voice: "Kill each other! Kill each other! Kill each other without end... Until you die, we shall be at your heels..."

Well yes. Killing them will be merciful, but more importantly, will hinder Jack's Squad. That is probably what Jimenez was doing.
But Jimenez is not York, York can hold his own against Jack's Squad alright, it seems.

Yeah, no more life support for you.

And nothing here. At all.

And here is the ship that is maintaining th place's integrity.

We can't get in.

So, downstairs it is.

What? But the demonica says he's human.

... What? Is that an idiom I am not familiar with at all?

Well, let's see, part of an elite task force drawn to investigate the schwarzwelt and possible STOP it from eating the rest of the world?

Yeah, but the main and most important thing is TO PREVENT the Schwarzwelt from consuming all the other resources in the GODDAMN PLANET.

Uh no.

Hey, a secret door!

Huh. Who could it be?


So, humans fight everywhere.

But who is directing THIS conflict?

Strange? Oh no, Jimenez right.

Well that sounds grave and ominous. Damn.

What could Louis Cypher's other form have to say to York?





Oh shut up.

Makes sense, grenades are a tech item.

oh fuck you game. Just fuck you. This. Here? HERE!? Jesus fucking christ that is a gimmick that has already happened. WHY. Let's go back.


Oh. We don't have the code. Can we guess?



Fat Oberon time!

And then checking what some skills do.

Is this the first almighty skill we've seen so far?

This does sound useful for Oberon. Resist Elec.

This took around 7 rerolls. Not too bad.

he can turn into a flying fish when mixed with the Gryphon.

Oh? She is in this one? Hah! That's also Artemis! Kiiiiind of not work safe. and all.

And notDracula!

Aren't these guys chasing Geralt in the Witcher games?

We can afford Sarasvati once again. I forget if I did summon her or not though.

Soldier: "I get this crap all the time... I'm a professional merc, y'know!"

Well, back to this fucking dark area.

Huh, Catoblepas is an enemy. That's dangerous. Those assholes can turn you to stone.

This is kind of far away.

I think this is not something that the geneva convention approves of.

Gun? Not fire? Huh. Well, I guess the shrapnel counts more than the explosion it self after all.


Ah but is paralysis as good in this as it is in EO?

Damn noxious gases.

And here's another one to pass through.

Well, it is another member of Jack's Squad. Let's see if he is less aggressive.

Well. That does not sound particularly aggressive to me.

Well then. But is he telling the truth?

Yes. That sounds like a good question to ask. We need to find him fast, after all.

Oh so he is behind that locked door we saw earlier.

Oh. Dang.

Waaaait a minute.
On the other hand he could be like Gordon Freeman, and not having access of his own, just being used to push things.
On the other hand, he is chatty.

Yeah maybe.

Damnit. We are in a tight schedule!

That's better.


As long as there is no backstabbing.

There was NO backstabbing!

Well closer and closer. Atropos is still not sourced.

And uh, clearly I did not summon sarasvati. Maybe next time.
That sounds like a good spell to have.

Here's something else.

Always useful, fullheals.

Well. Let's see what's in there.

I hope that that dude did not lie to York. That would suck.


Well damn! It worked! So, what is gonna be behind it?