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Part 118: Fusion

Well. This is a worrying development. We got here too late and they started experimenting on Jimenez, it seems.

What. Well. That's not the most ethical avenue of research out there.

Putos can be translated as "Prostitutes!" or "WHORES" but also as "Fags", it is a rather strong insult. Around as bad as telling someone to go fuck their own mother, but that can be compounded easily.

Bugaboo is in full pokemon mode, it seems.

Jack's Squad: "C'mon! You're a demon! You were only hit with the magnetic field five or six times. Get angry! Get worked up! Geez..."


Jimenez does not like it. Not at all!

Revenge? Vengeance? Why not both?

Hm but it seems like they are in liquid-filled tubes.

Jack's Squad: "You'll be a perfect demon soldier who obeys any order without a second thought!"

Finally, someone notices York.

Yeah, maybe. Could've as easily been for bugaboo (No not really)

Jack's Squad: "That Demonica! You're with the Red Sprite, aren't you!? I"

No. Security is all dead.

Even if you did have anything to fight with you would be in deep shit, York's not playing around.

Hm? What could it be?

that cannot be good.

Fusion time

Well shit. That would be a terrible thing to do. Yeah no. Fighting Jimenez would be counterproductive from our goddamn purposes.

Shitballs. Not even get to fight this asshole? Bah.

Jimenez is not having fun, clearly.

No shit.

Well we can't just let them like that! We must do something.

Well. That would be a bad thing.

Can't you just like, uh, restore him from the latest backup?

I mean, he's done it once already.


Well, so Jack's Squad doesn't have that. Maybe?

That is also a rather harsh thing to request.

But do demons curse as much as humans do?

So the Demonica can handle humans as well. Huh.

Well, he's requested it.

And it starts.

Both are loaded up.

And then spinning.

Blam! I wonder what we'll get as a result!


That certainly happened.


No kidding.

both are alive. But made into one.

Welllll that is certainly a result.
I wonder if he had those hand tattoos before the fusion.

No seriously what.

Yeeeah nothing. Sure.

Vatos is "dudes"

Well to be fair York doesn't seem too averse to doing that. I mean there's the whole "grinding until they give the source then using them as fusion fodder"

Well now.

Let's follow him.

It was like that a while ago as well.

But how? It is shut.

He's gonna take care of it?

Huh. His human skin bits are rather tattooed eh.

but we've already seen tthat power. We've used it a lot!

Well now. That is something.

He got it done.

No shit.

Well, he holds the door open.

That's a rather overt infiltration.

That looks rather like our shipbase!
And here's the dude himself.

Captain Jack: "And on top of it all, our weapon development program has been thoroughly destroyed. If our patrons learn how badly our plans were disrupted, I should think they'd be rather cross. "

I think that would be the last of his concerns at the moment.

Hm. He is rather confident about that isn't he.

Okay. THat is like the corniest one but I like it.

Are the tattoos the grudge, or the mismatched unholy combination of demon and human flesh.

Not his own grudge of being a human that was experimented on? I'd say that is also rather important.

Hm maybe.

Captain Jack: "It seems we still have a few kinks to work out in our fusion process. To leave this defective prroduct alive could endanger our reputation. I shall dispose of you!"

And then he summons things.

Hahahahah a ghoul, a peilladh and... I forget the name of the first. Hahahah no.

Jesus if those are the finest, he is rather TERRIBLE.

Yeah no.

Yeah. So?

Well yeah that's something that York's been doing.


Captain Jack: "A vast array of armaments becomes a grand business asset. There's no liability in having one. With this in my possession... I can crush what needs to be crushed and take what needs to be taken."

Well, it is combat time!

Hopefully enough.

Well, let's get it over with.

There you go, Jack is level 50, and he is accompanied by two Pisacas. This ought to be relatively easy.

Yes let's try that, pisacas are weak against fire.

Like that.

ONN THE OTHER HAND, they have this. Bites the Dust.
It gives you BOMB. What does bomb do?

It kills you. It kills all your party. It murders THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

Jesus fuck.

Let's try again with a slightly different team.

Poison continues to be annoying.

Well there's one down.

This is not going too badly!

And Acid Breath is obviously an asset.

Pure Blue also heals Jack. Not exactly a good thing for us, but eh, not that terrible either.

And then Jack does this.


Yeeeah even without the Pisacas, Jack himself packs quite a wallop.

Jesus fuck.

So let's it try again. With another team.

This seems like a good powerset for starfish eye.

Quite happy, isn't it?

Third time is the charm.
Screw you, Cap'n Jack

Hey, Starfish has Megido. Let's use that.

Yeah goddamn, bomb is REALLY dangerous. It is not fun.

That's not too bad a damage, but at least the thing can't be resisted. It does not hit weak spots though.

But then the starfish dies. Oh well.

Let's kill this thing.

Need more of these things. Hah.

This is always useful, again, but Jack removes debuffs. God damn it.

Seriously, he hits rather hard.

So, let's fix that. York using an item always goes first. So let's just let him KILL HIMSELF.


Take this you asshole.


But does this work?

Of course not, that would be silly.

Damn them all.

Shit, almost ran out of these.

But it worked. It worked rather well. Fuck you, Captain Jack.

Screw you and your bomber pisacas.


Don't know, they seemed pretty loyal.

hahahahahah no.


Oh boy.

Yeah, it is a goddamn dimensional thingumy that is CONSUMING Earth.

Oh my.

Should we stop him, or watch him get retribution by himself?