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Part 119: Comeuppance

Well, we will watch. Stopping Jimenez is out of the question.

He gets hit. Full force of demon hybrid Jimenez. Yeah.

Yeeeeah. No special sprite for that.

Mmmaybe? At least he did not rip off his head and shat down the hole, like Duke Nukem threatened once to.

Eh maybe York could've just broken his arm.

Hee... heeheehee!

No shit.

Well most of your security force is dead now, your leader got his chest ventilated

Jimenez's new design is rather interesting.

That does not bode well for Ryan.

Well that's a way to deal with it I guess.

Yes that is gonna work soooo well.

Well now, that is an interesting attempt for a bribe.

Well now, that is kind of interesting. I want to know more.

Well now. He is more cooperative than Jack already!

Well now.

Well, he is a libertarian.

Jimenez ain't having none of that shit, clearly.

Oh? Someone dares to stop Jimenez's righteous rampage?

Oh, it is our duly appointed law rep!

Or is it? Honestly, Jack's Squad has been pretty despicable.

"What we should do now is disarm Jack's Squad and confiscate any usable equipment. "


Jimenez clearly does not appreciate her meddling.

As prisoners or hostages, but yeah.

Well about time some support appeared.

That is not a normal order for a normal soldier haha.

He has HALF A FACE. And a goddamn malformed wing! And a blade sprouting from his arm!

Better safe than sorry, I guess?

Also now that he is part demon he can probably survive the sectors without the aid of a demonica.

"Let's wait for Arthur's orders on how to proceed from here... "

Arthur: "Mission "Save Crewman Jimenez" is confirmd complete. Gaining control of Jack's Squad was an unexpected but ultimately favorable result. We will keep them under close watch to control them. However, given the situation... We lack the manpower to maintain a full guard over the whole squad. Our human resources would be better allocated to our main objective."

Can't ship them out either since there is no current way to get out of the Scwharzwelt.

Liiike oxygen systems?

Well hamstringing them works.

But certainly not the worst.

A Skeleton crew Is better than nothing. But not ideal.

Arthur: "From their demon search program, I have synthesized a function that can detec Exotic Matter. Your Demonicas will be updated to better support your search for the Exotic Matter."

I dunno, he was using the truth to save his ass.

Arthur: "I have one other item to report. We have received a rare forma from them. Indiactions are that it is compatible with the forma Crewman York collected on Fornax. Crewman York please take this forma to the lab."

Oh. About DAMN TIME.

What, is she unhappy about something.

"Now may be the best time to discuss this, since he-s not here at the moment... What are we going to do with Jimenez? We may have rescued him from Jack's Squad, but... he's not normal anymore. "

On the verge? He is a half human, half weirdass unique demon hybrid.

He is working with us so yeah. He is not being aggressive against the team!

Yeah and he was also contained when he was gonna beat Ryan.

Probably. Or worse. Or better. Who knows?

Yeah that much has not changed much has it?

Well he ripped open the armored hatch with little effort!

Well he only has one half of his face.

Hm. Yea.

Well he wants to work out, is that such a bad thing?

Oh no he became a vampire.

Maybe he'll chill down.

That includes York surely.

Yup. The entire team would be dead by now.

It's all in how one uses them.

No, player, YOU are the demons.

Well no shit.


Taking ANY choice now would be dumb. We do not know since we have only seen him function in the heat of battle. I say LET'S WAIT AND SEE.

Well exactly, WAIT AND SEE. If he proves to be a liability, York can surely put him down. He is more than capable enough to handle one hybrid.

Oh shut up.

So then?

Let's see the obvious law choice

On the other hand she hated him even when he was a rude human.

How are you so certain that he will snap? Bah.

And now the last option.

Imminent corruption? There is nothing imminent about it, he's been fused with a demon. FUSED. MIXED. MADE A CHIMERA.

How the shit do you know?


But yeah, this one is the choice.

Arthur: "We will suspend any decisions until we gather sufficient data. "


Well, back into the fray.

Arthur: "Our current position is in Sector Fornax. "

Yup. Back into the fray.

Hopefully that'll be the case!

It might be close, it might be farther away from Earth. But it will be a different area. Which can't be worse than Fornax or Eridanus can it!

But there is no such thing.

Yeah that is not particularly fair.

Welll now that is just uncalled for!

YOU'RE TEARING THIS FAMILY APART. Personally, I blame Anthony. His constant... demonic cravings must put the morale in the floor.

Yes that too.

Arthur: "As we all know, our most important objective at present is to locate the Exotic Matter. Make use of the upgraded Demonica to carry out your mission."

Will try to do so.

Hopefully it will be a success.

Well good.

We can't talk to Jimenez. So let's just go to the lab.

Hopefully that will be the case!

All three. They were a pain in the ass.

Yeah since that shit is not replaceable.

Well that was fast.

Oh boy, detecting even mroe enemies! Hooray.

Will do so. For more gear. And money.

Modest and humble isn't he?

Good! That is just what we needed!

Back to Fornax. Yes.

Time to hit the middle road once again. This time we have the equipment needed for it.

Back down there at last.

Yes. Fuck you, invisible demon.



But can you? York is no pushover.

Just level 50? Just one? Okay. That's gonna be easy.

It is highly resistant to everything, and blocks Death, of course. It still goes down easily.

Strange Demon: "I shall return to my body... Francis. Do not let this brief moment of victory go to your head!"

Well now. We can proceed.