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Part 120: Asherah

Well let's go on. No point in mapping this.

Directly in front, there is a stairs down. Yeah. Let's go forward.


Why not?

So we are gonna murder their mother. So Horkos, Mithras and Asura are brothers.

Already happened. Asura lost. Against York alone.

That would've been good to use before getting the ass kicking.

Well now. Gender changed.


Naked, long haired stripey woman? Well that IS a change.

Asherah: "To annihilate the humans, those defilers of soil and destroyers of lives. The power of demons, of destruction, is necessary to restore power to the land. And not only demons... If there are those within your brood who carry that noble seed within them..."

Demon seed?

Asherah: "Demons and the chosen humans shall reclaim the Earth's true nature! Yes..."

Yeah, let's get the silly Neutral choice. I mean yeah we won't let her do anything but eh.
And of course, York would not agree with Asherah. He is there to prevent the world from ending!

Asherah: "Your decaying Earth cannot be saved by you humans or your God. Therefore, we shall rule the Earth once again and reconstruct it in glory! You shall not escape. In this land ruled by the Goddess Tiamat... "

We shall see.

Well now. Let's start this fight. Asherah is level 53.
She has a gimmick.

That gimmick is basically nulled by going solo.
And beads. Lots of beads.

That gimmick is that like Asura, she ENRAGES the party. You don't want a raging party.

York Alone can handle it.

As long as you keep healing when you can.

Alternatively, just keep autofighting for a while.

Woah soma drops are not particularly good.

Eventually, Asherah just crumples under York's boot.

Under York's berserked boot.


Yup. Dead.

Clearly York can handle things.
On his own.

About time.

Yup. That's York right there.

Are you certain? I bet York will punish Tiamat instead.
I mean he's already destroyed the Infinite Ouroboros, what can Tiamat do?


Good. Shut up.


About time.

Yes. Preparedness. Preparedness is key.