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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe


Well now. Let's get down.

Oh hey, it is a Throne and two other unidentifieds. And of course I was an idiot and forgot to prepare the goddamn party. I reloaded.

But let's talk to this dude.



Well now, let's advance.

Nothing here, but through this door...

MORE MOTHERFUCKING DARKNESS. Well, fuck this shit. Let's go back. Can go and sell shit.

Fusion fodder, go.

Let's go back up.

Thats a good price for shit to get sold. Beating on red dots can be profitable. Not when they turn to be goddamn reapers you are unprepared for though.
But that's what savestates are for.

Also time to buy some shit that is not gonna be used ever.

I don't remember these from my previous playthroughs!

Hercules makes sense, but why does Orpheus do magic? He was a singer, not a wizard. Or was he a wizard of song.


Wasn't Achilles invulnerable? Vitality would make sense. I forget abotu Orion.

If there was an Intelligence stat, Ulysses/Odysseus would make sense.

"I thought I was tough, but if someone told me to do the same thing... I dunno if I could. Well, ayhoo... I'm glad the fusion went off okay."

"Going through an experiment like that without any idea of the proper procedures... That's not science! And yet... given that it was a success despite that, it may in fact be a great achievement. Although I can't imagine who but Jimenez would be reckless enough to try it a second time."

"But waht shocks me is the very possibility that humans and demons can fuse to begin with... I don't get it! This is way beyond what I thought possible! "

Making a hybrid?

"Humans are supposed to fuse demons together... Not themselves... Strange twist of fate. So! We have a non-human on staff. Great. What's going to happen now...?"

Well he hasn't died of it yet has he?



"Was he really just looking out for his demon, or did he want the power of demons for himself? It's not my place to speculate, but one thing's for sure. Jimenez became a demon because he chose to. He made his decision. Unlike me, who talks big, but never does anything."

"Hmm... I'm so bored.. .Actually, you know what? I'm not, realloy. I've been pretty busy lately. Still, every now and then I miss the games we used to play. "


No, I said!


10 rocks is booooring.


"But there's no doubt that he made his decision to become more powerful. Rather than be the demons' master, he chose to be closer to them... to be one of them. And there's no telling what that choice might lead to. "

Let's get back to Fornax.

Back to the fucking darkness.

But before moving on , fusion fodder.

Oh yes. Oooh yes. Luster candy. That WILL be useful.

Erlkonig? Level 61_ That is gonna take a while to get, hah.

Motherfucking darkness. I hate it.

Awwww yeah.

And now we can also turn the tables.

Except that it is not as effective as it could be.

Yeah no, rewinding because I don-t need that.

Hell yes.

Since Kingu is gone, it is time to get Atropos. Hel yeah.

More goddamn darkness.

Huh. A sanctum.

That's green.