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Part 122: Tiamat

Very well, the Sanctum has been activated, so now there is new terrain to explore.

That terrain is beyond this fucking darkness. How I hate it.

But the rest is mappable, fortunately.

I don't hate green sanctums.

It has some secret doors and some items, but the most important part is: It's not another fucking dark patch.


But this is really annoying. I do hate red darkness. Unmappable fucking red darkness.

Fuck yeah, instant kill when sleep is applied. That is a great thing and taking advantage of such things is highly recommended.

Let's see the effect.

Yup that'll work.

At least there are things to advance forward.

Hey, it's all three of them!

Oh? Was York expected?

... Oooh. Shit.
That subquest must've been acquired MONTHS ago. God damn this has taken a long time.

Well that is a good thing. Another subquest done. Yeah. Good thing. Good.

Yeah, I guess so?

What if it was Jimenez. I doubt Zelenin would've talked first.

Why would someone be nervous from carrying a book?

Oh. Makes sense. Yeah, I guess so.

Sudden laser eyes!

Well let's go down. Bah.

Oh my. Boss detected.

And there are terminals nearby. That is useful.

Demon: "Now begins the birth of our world! Humans will be crushed underfoot!"

Oh Oberon, you so silly. Now you arefusion fodder, away with you, old fart.

Oberon's most useful skills are his healing ones. Clearly.

So let's do some fusing. Rosewoman.

Diarahan is always a useful thing to have, full heal.


Hey! It is Diana/Artemis! Eventually she will be fused and the art shall be shown. Because yes.

Also, a berserker covered with a fur coat. Yeah.

Fusion fodder, we need some of those skills.

Guess which ones?

Well Baihu is not gonna be useful as fodder at the moment, so lets upgrade the cat.

Oh yes. That'll work.

"The Mother"



Seriously the design. A torso, with a smaller torso, tits, tentacles, gills and that's not an eye or a bellybutton there what

What, didn't York already kill those a couple of times already

Bah. That is not going to happen.

But who sent the seeds? What originated them?

Ah yes, the magnetite thing from the other ones.


Cthulhus, all of them, then?

So, they become more powerful with emotion. Wouldn't killing off all of humanity with with the schwarzwelt starve them off?

That's quite fast I must say.

And that is a lot of birthing. Ant-like queen birthing I guess. That's a lot.

But what if they run out of seeds? What then? York seems quite apt at murdering everything in his path so far.

And then a fight. Hooray.

This is the wrong thing to do. If you debuff Tiamat, she will just heal herself back to full. And undebuff. Rebuff. One of those. It is rather annoying. And of course, I do it all the time in the fight. Because I am an idiot.

This is a good attack to use. Because Tiamat is weak against it, you see.

Luster Candy IS useful, on the other hand.

Hell yes. Take that you asshole.

Luster Candy IS really useful. The opposite of Debilitate, and it is a thing that is extremely convenient.

This seems like a wise course of action. Debuff Tiamat and buff yourself. Logical, no?

But then she does this. God damn it.

That's no good.

Use them if you got them! Hoarding is not a good thing!

That's a decent amount of damage.

And then the assist. Aw yeah.

But of couse it is useless if you are an idiot and keep debuffing Tiamat

Tiamat also has some attacks. Like this.

Not such a big deal but damn, it hits everyone.

And Ice.

And this thing. What does it do?

Oh motherfucker.

At least this time the healing was way less. GOd damn.

But a bunch of luster candieso ught to help.

Hah! Even if York is weak against it, it doesn-t do shit.

Shit I said!Though that does eventually add up.

Screw you, Tiamat.

so she is a dragon thing.

But Tiamat is not mankind's mother. Or is she?

Yeah yeah yeah whatever. Just complete your death process.

oh boy is it drakengard now.

Well, we got the exotic matter. That is a good thing!

Sure did.

Well, why not. Surely there will be no reason to revisit ths place right?

Hm. We never did play with Alice. Maybe that should be a thing.