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Part 123: Entering Grus

Oh yes, arrive after everything is over, at least Jimenez had the excuse of being fighting Jack's crappy summons before. On the other hand, investigation/research and not strike team but eh whatever. I kind of miss how SMT 1 and 2 also had the human party members that could prevent a gameover if the main character fell.

"There must be aninnumerable amount of demons sleeping here. Some of them would no doubt be beyond our comprehension. We can't just leave this be..."

Well now.

"A Mother has disappeared. Now... the flow of air shall shift, as will my destination... "

A weird but rather dapper zombie?

The sprite is not detailed enough to see if there is putrefaction going on or if the forces that animate/make Gore undead are preserving the flesh. I dunno.

And he's gone.

"No purpose, no destination... I feel sorry for him, but there's nothing we can do. "

Automagically back to the ship!

Arthur"Well done, Crewman York. I will send this to Engineering. We will begin preparations to travel to the next sector immediately. "

"It's just like Arthur said. We're making progress, and that's a good thing, but... "

Mia"We may have some hope, but on the other hand... those monsters might just be toying with us."

Well it has an ominous, hebrew letter name! Also eh. We'll see.

Hopefully not that long. I mean, I am getting pretty tired of all of this, but at least Eridanus is over!

Three of the teams got their shit kicked hard and almost everyone is dead maybe?

Well, yeah. No sure path yet, cannot go back to Earth, can't do much but continue to advance into the unknown. So yeah.

Arthur: "We will enter the new sector using a continous jump. "

Why would they? They already made their points. Unless they forgot to tell us of something.

"I suppose the next sector will have even more powerful demons, yes? "

Arthur: "First, about Crewman Jimenez... The test results were not good. He will be removed from the mission for the present. If it is deemed necessary, we will put him in cold sleep."

"I have serious doubts abotu his ability to control himself. "

So it wasn't just a guns blazing moment, eh?

Well, he did. And the fusion happened. The results are not pretty.

Arthur: "As a result, we may gain some sort of technological advance from them in the near future. We receive regular reports on the materials and demons they collect."

But of course they will, you know how that works. They will cause trouble and they will be dicks about it.

Well now.

Can do. I mean, cannot be a worse place than Eridanus, or with worse gimmicks than Fornax, can it?

Full motion video!

I like the swuares. And the colors.

Hooray! Advancement!

Arthur: "All hands, prepare to begin this sector's mission. Monitors, report on field conditions."

Let's see what this is all about.

Huh. That is rather familiar looking.

So it's not just me then.

No, Antlia was red. This one is blue.

And burning RED at that.

Well she said so, space-time coordinates different from basic Antlia. Fair enough.

Who the hell is MacLeary again?

Ah, so now Atlus's gone to recycling tiles and stage assets. Good to know that that practice is not just for reusing the same sprites a billion times. Good.

Blue Antlia.

Well we'll see that in the future, I guess.

I doubt it will be as hard as motherfucking Eridanus.

Will do so.

"It's as if its basic mass is kind of like a mirage, materializing for osme reason. The materialization progression is relatively advanced at our LZ. "

And it shall be done. Whatever "mother" is in there shall be murderized and its exotic matter extracted.

If not why the hell are we here?

"It's as if we're marionettes on a string. Perhaps we were crazy to think we could escape... "

Yeah, Morale is low enough already!

Yes, that.

`"But I wasn't simply voicing my frustration... I'm thinking there must be some other way... "

Until a new alternative arises, I guess?

Arthur: "And secondarily because it may be leading us to Mem Aleph. I posit a theory:"

Go on...

Hm. Well. That is some task.

With nukes!


But hey at least it is something that it can be possibly done in the future. Hopefully not too far into the future.

More than the nukes?

Exotic Matter first, jewish letter murdering later.

But hey it might be the core. You must SHOOT THE CORE.

And that after losing sizeable numbers and dropping corpses all over the place. Damn.

Death, probably.

And getting the new Exotic Matter.


So, track down and murder shit. Check.

Yes, it is the new one, after all.

Hey, look! It is palette swap Antlia! Complete with bombers dropping bombs! Goddamn!

They are recycling assets!

But blue is soothing.

But the entire Schwarzwelt is already someplace weird. Hell. Every part of it.

Jimenez is out of commission.

No shit, C means JImenez.
Eh, A B and C should've received names, maybe.

Oh, she is in the field now?

Well I guess that should work well to replace the half demon crew member now.

And, uh, an Angel. Or something.