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Part 124: Mastema in Grus

Well there is a thing here.

An angel, even.

Demon: "I am guarding the path to our secret area, under Master Mastema. I cannot allow anyone to pass without Master Mastema's permission. Please leave."

Well now, that grabbed Zelenin's attention.

Is Mastema even a he?

Demon: "We must uncover the schem of those accursed demons."

I guess so?

Well then, we must find Mastema!

Ah, questioning the angel thing. Yes. That is a good plan.

Hm? A voice?

Strange Demon: "You will not be forgiven, you race of traitors, who infected the Earth with your black dreams... You will pay the price for twisting the future to no purpose in this land!"

Ah, so it is bitter, demonic Mysterio.

Oh no! Not slow pain!

And now we are in notBootes. Complete with suggestive scenes.

And here is a gimmick.

"Illusory" walls. They are more of an annoyance than anything, particularly since the automap handles them properly. The one on the east was a wall, the one on the west was not. Bah.

Oh hey a mystery demons thing.

Weak against Gun.

And LEVEL 71. Damn!

Yeah not gonna complain about new items like that, it probably sells for a good chunk of change.

False wall, see?

Demon: "Her illusion blocks the path, preventing us from invading. I must hurry to the place where my cohorts are gathering."


Let's fuse some stuffs. I mean we do gave fodder.

That thing
It reminds me of a Hellboy thing. Yeah. It looks like it would fit in Hellboy/BPRD.

Let's give it Throne.

Yeah that sounds workable. Yes.

Holy shit it is not even half a torso, it is just pectorals, neck and head grafted to a tree.

"It is no longer known which her that was. It was commonly used in religious rituals."

"They are believed to lvie by the Nile and have heavy heads which keep their faces pointing downward. Contrary to their sliggishness, though, one look from its eyes could kill a person."

Also pretty much the same as the castlevania SOTN design.

"Its father is Typhon and its mother Echidna"

Bellerophon killed it, not mentioned, but he did

"He often flirts with human women, resulting in a scolding from his wife."

Also, starfish eye! Smug starfish eye!

Scissor sister.

Hey, tree...thing can become notBelmont!

Aw yeah, that will be used. Eventually. Because NotBelmont. You see.

Yeah, secret door, cannot go through it.

Hah, gogmagog. Pain in the ass to fight, right now cannot autofight. Why not? Because if you autofight, you will get your shit kicked, with their Counter. Yeah.

Like this. It was the result of autofighting.


JOY. Girimehkalas. Fuck them. God damn it.

Speaking of god damn it, ANOTHER DUDE LESS, why do they keep going before York, clearly they are not qualified for it!

Well, cannot get info from this dude.

Garuda: "Shallow, foolish humans, who crawl across the face of the Earth and consume all they touch... How have you come to think that I might deign to speak with you?"

Well, having beat ou before? Without much difficulty for a level 71 thing?

And here is something.

Well now, being recognized instantly, and with the first name, instead of the surname.

Oh, it is creepyAngel.

"They seem to originate from the power of illusion employed by the demon controlling this land. Be careful not to succumb to its illusions."

Zelenin followed York, and now York looked back, to the west instead of east.


"I never thought you'd travel so freely around this cursed land after your initial fear of demons. Still, you must use caution around the demons of this land. But there was something I wished to ask of you two... "

Oh so Mastema is amassing an army.

"As we speak, the heavenly host is gathering at our holy land. It is all in preparation for the upcoming decisive battle with the demons. To prevent the demons' invasion of the Earth, we must cooperate with each other."

I am gonna assume that the sanctuary is the sanctum thing.

"I will inform the angel guarding the path that you may pass."

"But... may I ask you something?"

"It is clear that something troubles you... "

"I wanted to ask your opinion... Well, it's not really a question. Just hear me out... "

"We've come this far, but... since our failed attempt to escape to Earth, we've been in danger. Crew morale is falling sharply. There's constant bickering and some of the crew have been looking out only for themselves. Some of us have been trying to maintain order, but it's anyone's guess how long that will last..."

"In a word, yes, but there's more. I... I've become doubtful... of the team... "

Oh? Corruption by exposure? This is not 40k!

And Mastema does not see it either. Hah.


Which is?

Isn't that a common issue with angels in fiction.


Well now.

Welllll now.

Or are they?


But the seeds have been planted. God damn it.

I think I can detect now what would his suggestion be.

At least Mastema has been helpful.

And like that, Mastema is gone.

Angel? Also York is not particularly MUCH of a confidential personthing for Zelenin is he.

Huh? Something happened while the angel was blabbing?

Oh. Of course.

Must be something important eh.

Or did we?