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Part 125: An entirely unforeseen result

Sheesh this took a while.

Well now, let's go back to the ship. Things have happened, surely.

Arthur: "It appears that they pu the Lightning-s functions to use in continuing their experiments on demons. Using those demons as weapons, they began an armed uprising against their supervisors."


Surely no one could've expected that result. This is surely a complete and total surprise for everyone involved.

Arthur: "Judging by the demons Captain Jack used, it is clear that they pose a threat. The crewmen assigned to monitor them are in serious danger."

Well then, let's hear what it is! It may be a terms negotiation!

He is ruder than Jack, for once.

He makes bad jokes too. Very bad. The worst.

Yes, it said so in the dialog screen. Yes.


Well now.

WELL NOW. That cannot be allowed.

Oh fuckdamnit.
I am gonna blame Dent for that.

Hey isn't that the plot for Bioshock.

The ultimate demon? THE ULTIMATE? So what, this is now Sonic? Gonna have to fight a black + red palette swap of something (wait, the black demonicas are already that)

Yeah that does not sound like a good plan.

And that cannot be allowed to stand. Retribution and proper control of their things. Bah!

No, you are not. York might though.

Yup. That is not an ideal situation there.

Not if York comes for them first.


At least not for Ryan.

Eh I dunno, there could be a third or a fourth way but those did not become possible this time.

Assistance would be appreciated.

That was Jimenez's original plan wasn't it? Oh well. Maybe if he had skewered Ryan things would've developed differently.

Yeah I would think so. I mean, that IS an emergency situation going on.

Yeeeah. Better to take action now before they develop that "ultimate demon"

Well now, Zelenin appears and tells us things.

Yes maybe.


Yup. Ryan has made it quite clear that he plans on killing the crew and taking the tech. Yeah.

Jimenez sounds like he is being more reasonable than Zelenin. Yes.

Or is there?

Yeah there is no time to spare, honestly.

As it seems right now, yeah.

But what?


Jimenez, a boy scout?

You see where this is going right

Yes, you do, right

Oh man.

Ooooh man.

Do I need to?

Well why not.

But every single moment not used in caving Ryan's face in leads to ryan doing things.

Hm. Arthur is being VERY reasonable about this. HSMSMSM.

Well you also accepted it, or at least promised to do so.

Time IS of the essence!

Let's see this response

Well, strike teams do strike.

After that it is identical.

Yes whatever one needs to do is hurrying up. Because damn.

kato_av"So I'm hoping Zelenin comes up with a good fix for the situation. If that makes me a failure as a soldier, then oh well. That's just how I feel."

williams_av"We've taken some casualties. I think it's only appropriate that we respond in kind. I understand what Zelenin's trying to do, but can she really pull it off?"

zoe_av"I know that as a doctor I shouldn't be saying this, but I really am fed up with them."

Yeah probably.

But you won't.


Oh. New sub apps.

Oh nice. Yes please.


That one is always good but 4 spaces? No.

Yeah .

Yeah probably.

Well, space science libertarian.

He followed his contracts. No such assurance with Ryan.

Getting rid of things for cash.


Badly organized thugs I'd say, not even pirates. Much less privateers or corsairs.

Yeah for sure.

Well that is a new one.

Time to go back to the squad's HQ.