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Part 126: Angelic Sanctum

Well this has been delayed enough. Let's go forward. Here we are, in Jack's Squad's HQ.

Here's the ship.

Just one? Sure. No problem. Let's just clear this.

What? I was about to FINISH this deal!

Oh. Yes.
Shit. I forgot.

Nothing to see here either. I am an idiot.

I had forgotten. Oh well.

Well then. Back to Grus. Damnit.

Demon: "You may enter our sanctuary... Farewell."

Well, time to enter the hidden space.

Fairy helmet? That's probably getting sold. Unless it so happens that it is needed for a new item or something. We'll see.

The mask is from Xiuhtecuhtli, while the jar is Anzu's drop. Had we not seen Anzu's drop before?

Aw damn, Atropos still has not given the source. Bah!

Oberon and Decarabia give us this.

Those are pretty useful skills right there. Yeah.

But what I want is this. Mediarama, while not as good as Diarahan or Mediarahan, it will work very well.

Hm. Wild Hunt, eh?

The Wild Hunt can become several things. Several.

Also, the subtitle for Witcher 3. I will have to get that. Witcher 3 looks really good so far.

Amd spending a whole lot of cash on recovering Oberon because he will be useful once Atropos gives her source. But not the Berserker.

Or maybe like this. We don't have the Berserker yet. Hm.

Demon: "Master Mastema is beyond here. Be aware that we have set snares to prevent our foes from easily infiltrating. I pray that you make it to Master Mastema safely..."

Instant Kill attacks are ALWAYS really useful.

Like that. One has to use and abuse every advantage one can get. EVERY ADVANTAGE.

For being such a high level enemy, Garuda is easy to fight against.

And Atropos levels up and gives us her source.

Which leads to this.

Are those?
Are those


Yes. Finally.

Yes I imagine.

Oh my, the Fire Giver.

And the Feathered Serpent!

Yes. What.

What about the BREASTS?


At Ephesus in Ionia, Turkey, her temple became one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was probably the best known center of her worship except for Delos. There the Lady whom the Ionians associated with Artemis through interpretatio graeca was worshiped primarily as a mother goddess, akin to the Phrygian goddess Cybele, in an ancient sanctuary where her cult image depicted the "Lady of Ephesus" adorned with multiple rounded breast like protuberances on her chest. They have been variously interpreted as multiple accessory breasts, as eggs, grapes, acorns,[52] or even bull testes.[53][54] Excavation at the site of the Artemision in 1987-88 identified a multitude of tear-shaped amber beads that had adorned the ancient wooden xoanon.[55] In Acts of the Apostles, Ephesian metalsmiths who felt threatened by Saint Paul's preaching of Christianity, jealously rioted in her defense, shouting “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”[56] Of the 121 columns of her temple, only one composite, made up of fragments, still stands as a marker of the temple's location. The rest were used for making churches, roads, and forts.

Well then. That sure is something.

Hey it is a flaming head/mask. Interesting.

Hooray, discussion works.

Yeeah. At least it was not the sacrifice where they got the heart extracted. Hm.
Actually I don't know which would be the worst way to go. Hm. Human sacrifice is fuckin' creepy.

Demon: "Amidst this illusion, I cannot even find the path forward... "

Demon: "There are humans who capture and torture demons... Humans truly are cruel beings."

Eh, Zelenin would like that.

Hey, this dude is blowing a horn.

Heimdall: "Everything, I say, everything... I've seen everything of humanity. I have lost hope in these creatures whose folly only grows with each generation. What I mean to say is that I do not find you to be worth speaking to. You understand, I trust?"

Well, he was SLIGHTLY polite about being a dick, I guess.

Well, Heimdall, fuck you.

And you shall hit yourself. Because you are a dick. Dick.

Might Mastema be behind this door?

Well. That is rude.


Well that WAS RUDE.


But at laest here is a heal spot. Convenient.

Demon: "Those who cannot sublimate their wills to a higher calling should leave this place."

Bah, York advances because he must, but sublimating wills? What is this? Alchemy? I had no idea wills went from solid to gaseous forms directly.

Well, we have nowhere else to go. THe locked door up there in the north is not getting open anytime soon.