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Part 127: Transfiguration

Advancing again, this is a new area, convenient that it was THE LAST GODDAMN TELEPORTER I TRIED.

God damn it, have I mentioned I hate goddamn teleport dungeons?


The magic of savestates helps here.

Hey, there is a door here.

Demon: "I have heard the voice of our lord. It was faint but I heard it very clearly. 'Now is not the time to go beyond here. After everything is finished, if the son of man still continues his journey... At that time, you will let him pass without a word. ' When that time comes, you will no longer find me here."

Hey look, a Valkyrie. We should get one of those.

OH YOU ENORMOUS MOTHERFUCKER, to whoever designed this fucking floor.

This was infuriating when I played it on the DS. I mean, it is not Eridanus and so fucking convoluted
but it is not good. At all.

Demon: "As long as your spirit is pure, Heaven shall welcome you. You will become beings wrapped in light, as we are. "

Demon: "Do you feel an uneasiness towards unstable things? Stability gives man peace and composure."

Isn't that... pretty much Hikawa's Reason in Nocturne?
Wait, wasn't he a Gaian?

Oh, good.

Hooray another level up

Hooray a negotiation worked.



Well there it is.

Ah. There he is. Or it is. Whatever. Are angels gendered?


"We have another severe problem. Not with demons... with humans."

"It is one result for humans who know not their place. Drunk on freedom, the good in their hearts withers away, leaving only an evil husk..."

"It is possible to have them see the error of their ways and turn to the Lord."

Well then. A song?

"The guidance of the messenger surpasses any wordly temptations. "

"The times have changed, and the hearts of man have changed with it... My hymn no longer carries any weight to them."

So angelsong doesn't work anymore. This was a waste of a trip!

Oh? Do tell.

Huh. Okay.

"That is given unto me, Mastema, leader of His armies. Under this power's protection... You may become angels yourself, sons of man."

Mastema said that, yes.

"In many cases, humans have been given greater power than the other angels. The song of humans pleases Him, and has the power to repel evil. If you become an angel, you will certainly have the power of song... No, power beyond that."

Bliss, eh?

Better than prozacs, valiums and oxycontins!

"If the heretical, the blasphemous, the impious attempt to undergo the process... My power will be as a cleansing fire of judgement and burn the evil one where he stands. Then, too, he who becomes an angel will walk a different road than that of mankind. If, for instance, your crew should be able to return to Earth, you yourself..."

The angelic version would not be able to go back to Earth?

That is the option that will be taken.

But for curiosity's sake, let's volunteer.

Why? Because the neutrality?

Yes you made that clear before bah.

York is always ready.


Yes. So marvelous.

Why not both? Having a backup might be a good idea

Well now. She was chosen.

I guess that is what happens when one only uses angels as summons.

This is the choice.

Well, that was shorter.

And that's what happens when one doesn't grind.


From the immediate danger from the Scwharzwelt? Yeah, sure.

Yes probably, but NOT from a weird multidimensional black world.

Oh boy.

Oh my.

Well yeah, they are meant as reflections.

Their true selves, if you will.
Hm. I should actually finish Persona 2 IS.

Yeah okay, get to the point please.

She is gonna become an angel.

To be touched by an angel.

He has the magic touch.



That is a new outfit right there.

Well now.
What is York's answer?