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Part 128: Peacebringer

No problems here! Nope! No sir!

"I have been reborn, but I have not forgotten my duty... Now, let us go to where Jack's squad dwells. "


York, not being an avatar of Law, still has wickedness inside of him. Hms.

Let's get this shit done. Back to the ship.

Yes indeed.

In a manner of speaking, yes, she is.

"Though you may be startled and confused to see me as I am now... Be not afraid. I am, as ever, a member of the team. "

That might be due to her not being human anymore. I guess.

How can something be overwhelmingly peaceful?

"I can... do more for you all than I could before. Do not worry about Jack's squad... I shall pacify them with my newfound power."

I wouldn't quite say "sacrificing herself", but certainly transcending humanity, giving her humanity away.
Not that she has changed that much at first glance.

Of course, Jimenez is NOT impressed.

But then again he wouldn't would he.

That needn't be mutually exclusive.

Even newly made angels gots their limits, I guess.

He's rested a bit already, but more rest couldn't hurt.

Maybe HIS voice is also annoying to Zelenin's new form?

Hell yeah.

Time to get to the artificial dimensional pocket, hell yeah.

I don't think either of them appreciates that.

A handbasket maybe? Oh wait, no, that's the vehicle to get into hell.

"I hope this doesn't affect the rest of the crew... Or... Is it those two who are right in this case? Did they evolve into forms suited to this world and get a leg up on the rest of humanity? I just don't know anymore. What's right, what's wrong..."

"Then again... She and Jimenez both have gotten stronger by giving up their humanity."

Like HELL. York can manhandle them, surely.
On the other hand it is not York getting stronger. It is his suit. His Demonica, not him himself.
Still, it counts.

I don't think so.

Long enough!

"I wouldn't mind having the chance to examine Zelenin's angelic form, either... Every inch of her body, a thorough medical inquiry from head to toe..."

A little bit.

York can possibly beat the crap out of them, so eh.



Well then, go ask Mastema out.

"She's a beaut, but... somethin' about her don't quite sit right with me. She doesn't feel human at all. I get the shivers lookin' at her, and not in a good way."

"But I think that's okay. We just believe in different things. As a scientist, I believe in the scientific method over all, and those two had their own beliefs. That's how I see it, at least. It's simple, really. "

Let's sell some stuff! For money. Money is useful.

Should kill more Heimdalls and Garudas, I think.

"On the battlefield, angels of mercy and angels of death are the same. They both come for you. I hope Zelenin hasn't become our very own angel of death."

Time to go to the area. This should not take long.

"I must purify them... Francis... will you bear witness to my newborn power? I shall make these rebels repent of their deeds. Fear not and trust in the power I have received from the Lord."

Is she floating above ground, flying? Walking?

Her destination is not far away though.

Jimenez opened it with brute force.

She gonna sing

Well now.
That was faster than Jimenez's solution. Less XP though.

VERY. Very sinful.

Well, they've seen the light, at least.

Had they had heard it before? Before she got all angel like?

They seem to have liked it.

Every bit counts, I guess.
That was a fast and efficient way to deal with space libertarians.

More than before? Because they were plenty creepy beforehand.

NOT enlightenment.

To be fair they were pretty nutty beforehand.

I dunno, they are not shambling.


Hopefully, useful stuffs.

GOod idea. If that had been done before things wouldn've gone better.
On the other hand, hidden stash. Damnit cap'n jack

Ryan gives no fucks.

Ryan does obey though.

Hha! Medical area!

And so they do.

Yeah, Angel song will do that.

Well, quite easily.

Have they?

She will sing again. The song that unmakes them. They are not gonna have fun with that.


Hey, it is a Grendel! Not the Hunter Rose type, though.

So, the latest area. Good to know. Through the sanctum?

Maya, eh? Hm.
We'll see that.

And by that you are just sealing your inevitable murder by York's hands.

The latest area, clearly.

Asswipe. Beowulf should kill your mom.

Well then, go away.

Politeness does not hurt does it.

Ice spirit is also polite. That's good.

Hm? Defecting?

Ah, keeping tabs on them.

Hopefully. I mean, we can't know yet. Hopefully he remains loyal to the mission, even if he is pissed at Zelenin.


Oh? She is also leaving the team? Damn.

Kind of, yeah.

Zelenin and Jimenez ain't getting back, though.

Well then. Back to the base, I guess.