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Part 129: A violent offer

Well let's just go back to the base. Zelenin did her stuff. Ryan's team is pacified. Everything seems to be advancing decently.

Arthur: "Now to resume our main objective of investigating the Schwarzwelt."

Yup. She was.

On the other hand, the tangible effects of her song.

Potato, potahto.

Arthur: "I can only say with certainty that it is some sort of resonating signal that directly affects brain waves. The closest analogue would be the MK Gun we used to cure the Delphinus Parasite."

So, actually magic brainwashing.

So, while Jimenez became a physical powerhouse, Zelenin got goddamn mind-altering abilities. Possibly less painful a transformation, too.

Arthur: "Its primary observed effect is to severely decrease aggression for extended periods. A secondary effect of causing harm to demons has also been reported. These two data points suggest that she can be extraordinarily useful. "

Yeah, that is a good thing.

Arthur: "Our reports show that the leader of sector Grus is Maya. We gleaned this information from the demons which Jack's squad had captured. It is possible that this may be a hint as to the whereabouts of the Exotic Matter."

We don't know what Maya is though.


As I said, nope.

Yeah more or less.

Arthur: "We must extract information from him by whatever methods prove effective. Carry out your duties as you see fit."


The Sanctum where the Angels hang out? Nah, that can't be it.

Not along with the angels, I hope? That could get messy fast.

No shit.

Of course, he already has the key.

Oh, another sanctum? Besides the angelic one?

Will he even be able to survive out of the schwarzwelt? Who knows.

So he is just paying back the assistance.

So, he has the key internalized by now?

Aw, buzzkill.

Not like it would be easy to restrain him now.

Sounds like an easy enough course of action.

Bah, not even a decent description? That kidn of sucks.

Goin' to the lab to do what needs to be done.

Yeah hurry up, don't have the entire day.

There it goes .

Hah, slap it on it!

So yeah
there are several different sanctums. It is gonna be a pain in the ass.

So I guess it will be time to go back to Carina soon as well.

Yeah. Bah.

Sanctum type B.

Hey, it is YELLOW
Unlike the green. At least it is mappable. Unlike the darknessess.
God damn I hate the darknessess.

New enemies! Wild Hunt and another Unknown.

The Succubus! Might be a good fusion fodder soon enough

Demon: "You are not planning to experiment on us again, are you?"

No, no experimentation or vivisection, but yes plenty of fusion. Same thing I guess?
Also, I like Frolic. It is a great, cheap, useful skill.


A heal terminal. Don't need one at the moment though.

NotDraculas have moaning and incomprehensibility. Not like the trash-area notDracula against NotBelmont.
So, getting one through dialog is not really a posibility.

Hell yeah, another 10k or so maccas or whatever the bugle costs

What's behind this door?

Oh yeah, I have not mentioned it or shown it
but there are FUCKIN' TELEPORTS.
To be expected. They are annoying, honestly.

It's... This dude.

Demon: "What are you going to do when you meet her? I suspect you plan on killing her and stealing what's hers, just as you did with thr other rulers. No?"

Want to bet on that?


Well now. That's pretty much what the SMT Gaians want isn't it.

A deal? Hm.

Well now.


Zelenin will not like that

What should the answer be? Because, as you can see, there are options.