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Part 13: Scavenging

Arthur: "At present, our highest priority is the restoration of the Read Sprite's main reactor. We must get the engine working in order to regain mobility."

Engineer: "Once it starts up, it'll stay actie indefinitely... But it takes a lot of power to get going. We were using the Tokamak Motor for that, but it was damaged in the crash."

The ship is fusion-powered then? (wikilink)

Arthur: "Since ours is nonfunctional at present... The best solution would be to obtain a Tokamak Motor with the help of another ship. "

Arthur: "Then I will issue a new official mission, designated "Engine Restoration""

Arthur: "Crewman Jimenez, you are not technically a part of this ship's crew. However, you have an important role to play in leading the Red Sprite to safety."

Arthur: "I suggest you be officially reclassified as a member of the Red Sprite's crew. If you consent, you will receive the same treatment as the other crew members..."

So yeah. He had no access to the program. He managed to survive WITHOUT it. And as heard if coming to the Blue Jet from the wrong side, he was actively battling those things.

Arthur: "If you are to join this crew, certain obligations and duties will be expected of you. One of those duties is to cooperate with the other crew members."

"If I'm gonna survive long enough to get the hell outta here, I'll need power like that. I don't mind swallowing my pride a little, if that's what it takes."

"It'll be good workin' with you, Francis. I might give you some shit now and then, but believe me, I appreciate you saving my ass. Let's you and me make it outta here alive. Even if it'll take using demons..."

Arthur: "I am analizing the ports through which the Demon Summoning Program was sent from my systems. This program has proven very useful to us, but please exercise caution when using it. I look forward to the succeful completion of your mission."

Well, at least one capable team member was acquired? But at what cost? It is clear that Gore's sacrifice must not be squandered, but still, it's not looking good for the rest of the crew. Let's see how they fare.

"That Jimenez guy's only alive because the commander sacrificed himself! Who does he think he is, slacking off on his duties? It's not right, the commander having to die for that asshole!"

"How can we go on with the mission like this? We're out of options... All we can do is listen to Arthur."

So, frozen. He is a popsicle now. I guess that's a good way to store a corpse.

"The man who encouraged, supported, and led us isn't with us anymore. Honestly, I think we should turn back and go home. The mission's impossible to complete under these conditions."

Just like with Jimenez, there is no current way to go back, so instead things must be done in the Schwarzwelt. Nowhere to go but forward.

"In any case, since we don't know HOW to go back, there's nothing to do but go forward. I guess the sickbay wil be going at full blast for a while."

Hey, a new guy!

"Pathetic, huh? Commander Gore would be disappointed in me... "

"The material fusion equipment has been restarted, and we're rarin' to go! We're going to have ourselves a real blast at Commander Gore's memorial battle!"

"But I'm sure we'll be fine, with you guys here. I mean, you ARE the elite of the elite. I believe in you, York."

And since now we have this option, let's see what it says about the one that got gifted last update.

Yup. It is used to sell to the lab. Good sources of money as well.

"Commander Gore's dead, and that Jimenez guy he died saving is bringing everyone else down. I always felt like it was my job to keep everyone on an even keel, but this is too much. "

"But we're supposed to be the best of the best. We don't get the luxury of taking breaks. So get your gear in order and pay your respects to the man by doing your duty."

Wikiling about this one. That explains the hat, I guess.

Well, the front of the Blue Jet is not open, so there is nothing to do here. Let's take the other route.

That does have a hole. A sizeable hole, actually. Hopefully it'll be enough to steal the engine.

Hell yes. Success.

"Even if your Demonica's got the right shielding, you could get exposed. We should split the work.You wait here 'til I give you the signal."

Well that didn't take too long.

"Now, let's carry it out ."

Well, that does explain just what happened to the rest of the crew. They were massacred. That is disheartening.

"My old crewmates. Hard to stomach, huh? Wish I could give them a proper burial, but... The mission comes first and all. "

And then, there is a noise. Doesn't really sound like crying though.

"This is..."

Well, there must be something important there, or maybe a dying message. In any case, it's a good idea to check it out.

Ah, so now the theme of the Control Units is revealed. Sci-fi authors.
Jules Verne is obviously the inspiration of this one. Arthur is probably named after Arthur C. Clarke. I've only read the book version of 2001 from him. Probably should get more of his marerials eventually. Any suggestions?

Verne: "I can no longer functiona as a command unit. However, I still contain data regarding the investigation. This data includes very important information relating to the Schwarzwelt. Please remove this terminal and take it to another hsip. The consent of the surviving crew is requested."

Yup. Jimenez is the only survivor other than Verne.

"So there was a survivor, Francis. Tough hombre. Well, you asked for it, so I'll take you with me."

"Looks like we found ourselves anice bonus, Francis. Now, let's carry out the main dish."

I somehow doubt that is portable.

"Oh, and the terminal too. Arthur should know what to do with it."

"It's up to you to keep the crew happy. "

And then, after that is received, why walk all the way back? Thie Terminal should work nicely.

And it does.