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Part 130: A counter-offer

Jesus christ this has been a long LP thread

Yes, thinking. That is what we need to do right now. Not committing either way because DAMN, that is a heavy decision

Demon: "But before you go, let me explain myself a bit. I'm more worried about the angels that have been pulling the strings behind this incident. "

The angels being hehind it?

Demon: "The angels plan to turn that squad into soldiers of God. And then... it's your turn. All of humanity will be licking God's boots. Someday, we'll go to war with those angels for control over the Earth. It has to happen. And I'm out to crush the buds of their forces before they bloom."

It is not out of the realm of possibility alright.

That's... Surprisingly reasonable.

We may, but nothing is set in stone right now.

Loki and notDracula are regular encounters in this area.


What will Patra get replaced with?

Oh. Well, that is not terrible. Gun + sleep is useful.

Aaaand fusion fodder.

I don't like this level's layout. It is not completely terrible, but it is annoying.

Oh, good!

Not a terribly awesome item, but hey, whatever. We shall eventually go back to neutrality, but meanwhile reaping the results of Chaos alignment is a good thing to do.

Unsurprisingly, Loki is an asshole. He's got a pretty goddamn neat design now, considerably better than the previous Loki design. Compare.

Maybe the Succubi are friendlier.


Wait, why do I still have Alraune there. That is no good.


"How'd it go? You get good info? "

"Vatos" means dudes.

"Listen, Francis, I'm sure you know, being on the strike team and using demons all the time... But there ARE demons out there who want to coexist with humans. Look at me, who has the power of demons now. Hell, look at you, and all those demons you lead. "

So, beat them into submission.
To be fair, that has worked rather well for York so far.


He is growing apart from the crew.

Well then, grind XP!

Let's fuse Alraune then.

EVIL SHEEP. Or is it goat?

No, this is not out of order. It's just that there was no spare space. After fusing Alraune into Taotie, there was space.

Ah, sheep. Gluttonous sheep.

Wet dreams ahoy?

I think right now a Gogmagog would be the best fusion result there. Not high enough for Erlkonig, Ganesha, Dakini or even Girimehkala.
Giris are assholes, as usual.

Look at that... weird... Giant thing.

Ah. This is different.

And we cannot do shit about it at the moment.

Demon: "Those angels are holed up nearby. HUmans, angels... Both of 'em come crashin' our joint like they own the place... Oh, well. Anyone's free to come. "

Well now. Okay. That demon seems to like York just fine at the moment.

Demon: "My buddies took a real nasty beating from 'em... Those humans're on my list, man!"

Not much else to do at the moment, so let's just head on back.

Was that voice telling York to stop? Stop what? He was not doing anything.
He was just returning to the ship!


That is not normal behavior.

Yes, who else? I mean, supposedly there are other Strike Team members, but they might as well not be there .

Ah. Makes sense. After all, this was supposedly the Illusory place.
Not as well realized as a gimmick for the area, but eh, beggars cannot be choosers I guess. And it is not such a terrible area, sure there are teleports, but it is not as assholish as Eridanus.

Possession? Can angels be possessed?

Or at the very least she was hallucinating.

That cannot be a pleasant experience.

QUITE. Considering she is no longer human at all.

Yes, a bit, I'd say.

Hell they said so themselves. They will FIGHT for domination over the world.

As confirmed by the bound, armless one. I forget its name. They are free , but he is also free to beat the shit out of everyone. So, might makes right.

No need to worry?

Oh. How does it affect them?

Does that mean "kills them all"?

Oh. Hm.

I think that does open other choices as well. If the demon maintaining the seal is weakened, then the seal is weakened? Interesting.
What should York's response be?