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Part 131: Three choices.

Her song won't be necessary at the moment. No. We need to check up on our possible options. We shall decide later.

"I thought I could guide you with my voice... If you need my voice, I would be happy to sing for you. I will wait here. Come talk to me should you ever need my help."

Well now, let's get back to the inside of the ship.

Arthur: "It seems we must make a decision in order to obtain the Exotic matter of Sector Grus. It is a difficult choice: Accede to the demons' demands or harness the power of the angels' song. A crew meeting to discuss the matter is in order."

I guess that's what happens when they are not fully human anymore. And hell, they are not even staying with the crew anymore.

That's cuz they owe York.

Damn. That will be a rather great loss since they seem like the only ones besides York that can actually do anything

Yes, let's.

Maybe, there are other options.

Then again they were far more murderous than the crew.

Are they?

Do they really? Well, I guess if you are paying for the free lunch with your soul or something. Or "free lunch! attendance to 3 hour indoctrination session mandatory"

They are assholes.

Will it? The brainwash gun was used to un-brainwash things. Hm.

oh shit. Yeah that is pretty damn bad.

Yeeeah. At least a single thing going wrong could be catastrophic.

Nnnot really. No.

Defeating the demons could lead to the completion of the mission, but it is not the objective. The objective right now is getting out of the goddamn schwarzwelt. And maybe stopping it.

Hm, okay.


What? What? It is up to York?

Oh, so everyone gets a vote, but York gets the supervote so whatever he says goes.
So, everyone else is irrelevant.

Which of course, people are against. And for.

Which Zelenin would not like at all.

Let's see what Arthur says.

Well that was fast.

That would probably work.

There are other ways though.

Or can I?

And then York could murder them himself. Or not.

Yes, that is true.

And by that Arthur means "York".

Yup, everyone gets a vote, only York's matters.

Probably through violence.


That's gonna take a while at this rythm.

Let's see what the response is in this one.

Well, York is quite the demon wrangler by now. Should check what the percentage has been captured by now.

Well, Ryan was a major asshole.

Yeah let's check the other options.

What does Arthur say about Zelenin assiting?

Is it?

Is she, really?

Well that's an option.

Yeah whatever. Let's not choose either.

"But I'm not here to argue over what's right or wrong. I'm fine leaving that up to you, York. Do whatever you think is best."

"But everyone here does. it's not up to us to make that kind of decision. We trust you, whatever you decide. You've seen everything up to now up close. Let's go with the mission like we always have."

""What if I had done this? " "What if that had happened?" I'm too caught up in hehashing the past..."

"It's okay... You're only human. Think things through as much as you need to, so you won't regret anything later."


"It's oka, though... I know you'll be able to choose a path that you won't regret."

"I'm the kind of guy who likes to attack a problem head on. Thinking things through isn't my style. So I'll leave all that to you, York. It's okay. I have faith that you'll make the best decision."

"Me, I like to keep it simple. I trust my gut when it comes to decisions like these. But hey, what you decide is yer business. Just be confident, whatever you go with. Stand tall, cowboy!"

chen_av"Irving's right, though. I think you should have confidence in yourself. If you're the one making the decision, York, then I'll support it wholeheartedly."

""The Queen commands and we obey," and such. They handle the political end so we can do the real work. In that regard, you've drawn the short straw. Don't worry about it. Just think how much they owe you now. No one will raise a furore over your judgement."

Yes, I'd say so.

So, we can go to Grus. Deal with Zelenin, or the demons.

Or we can come to Jack's Squad and deal with the brainwashed dudes ourselves.

We could do that.

What should we do?
We can kill Jack's Squad.
We can make Zelenin sing.
We can kill the demons.

What is the correct path to take?