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by Luisfe

Part 132: The barrier comes down

Time to go and murder some god damn demons.
Or a demon. Just one. Yes.

But first let's do some fusing since Baihu and Gnome both gave up their sources. So, yeah.

Odin's horse! Loki's spawn!

It will still be weak against bullets, but hey, that is not a bad skillset.
With any luck, Luster Candy will be inheritable because that is a GREAT skill.

Sleipnir can turn into interesting things. Orochi, Omoteotl, Anumis, Cerberus. Yeah. Nice.

And then this gogmagog joined us. Hooray!

Always useful!

Back to this area. Doesn't take long to reach this area.

No deal. No such a thing as a deal.

I believe there are OTHER options. Yes.

You might say that.

Yup. THat will be done.

Yup. That is a plan that needs to be done.

It might not, though.

Yes sir.

Aaand of course, they don't respect York's show of strength. Eh, in any case, let's deal with this.

Against a single Grendel? I rather doubt it.

A single Grendel, like 5 levels lower than York.

Sleipnir will be more useful than Diana in this part.

Acid Breath reduces defense by TWO. That is very useful.

Eh. Grendel was weak. Not even worth capturing the fight, since it was completely uneventful.

Hooray. No need for angel song, or to murder Ryan's squad. Easy peasy, no mess.

Yeah whatever, become fusion fodder, creepy tree.


Hey as long as it it not a terrible(r) teleporty dungeon, throw your worst.

And that is done. Excellent.

Well now, we can advance.


Pale Rider: "How canst thy life shine so brilliantly amidst it? Show me... thou blue knight filled to th'brim with death!"

And then the pale rider oneshots York. Yeah. Well now. That is not a good thing.

Hm? Someone's presence?

That is a thing that happened.

What? But so far York has been mostly succesful! Now if all the demons after that door were Pale Riders I would understand it.

That's quite the defeatist attitude.


So, suicide?
They do say that suicide is painless in that song.


This is clearly not Gore, since it is not in the suit.
And undead
Still, what choice should be taken?