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by Luisfe

Part 134: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

Fuck this area.

Got a map. Will post said map here when the area is over. This is rather aggravating.

Not a bad item, but advancement out of the fucking teleporty maze would've been better.

Going back to this area There are more doors to visit. One way doors are less terrible than teleports, because you can easily see how they flow.
Etrian at least automaps AND lets you put notes. This would be considerably less annoying if it let you put notes in the map cells.

Well now, this is also new.

Again, not absolutely terrible, but not needed in the least.

God damn it. back to the teleports I guess, then.

And then another set of stairs that had not been visited before. Let's see what's in there.

Oh, good. New open space. With a terminal and a heal spot.

Yup. Hooray.

And here's something! Let's see what this something is.

Sounds like something healy.

Yup. Healy.

Let's see what this leads to.

Oh joy

Nothing to do. Nothing at all to do. Nothing that cn be done.

Well now, since nothing can be done, let's fuse stuffs.

Hell yeah, Not Belmont.

NotBelmont can turn into interesting things!

Papa Guede/Baron Samedi.

Anubis, though that snout looks rather aardvarkish to me.

THOR. Older design, not SMT3 Thor. Eh.

Hey, it is Lilith! Interesting.

Well, let's see this other damn stair. Maybe it leads to somewhere else.


Have I mentioned that I hate this shit?

Because I do.

Of course. That is a teleport, a teleport following immediately after a conveyor belt.

Why. Why do they do that.

Oh nice! A new area! A new area of the place with the fuckin' teleports!



Once again, I really hate this goddamn gimmick.

But nope. Nothing to do there. Back here.

Cannot do shit.

Maybe we have found something for it.

Oh, we have!

Well now.

GOD DAMN IT. I have to fuckin' go through places.