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Part 136: Deserters

This is gonna be a long one.
Let's see what this led to.

Arthur is speaking rather weirdly. Oh no! Glitches!

Welp. Arthur got a goddamn blue screen of death. That is not a good sign, on the other hand, the other times it has happened it was not THAT bad.

Yup. A crash.

Hm, well Arthur crashed due to external interference. Again.

Right Voice: "Maya has fallen, and the false visions of this land have been dissolved. The time to reveal everything to you humans has come. "

Middle Voice: "Behold now the vision of the path that all humans... nay, all life of Earth should take."

What, did the crewmember also crash?

Left Voice: "The reincarnation of cultures beyond salvation."
Right Voice: "There was a time, long ago, when this land was populated with creatures other than humans... A time when those creatures prospered, their civilization covering the earth. "
Middle Voice: "It was their craftiness and greed which summoned the schwarzwelt. They, too, were a race who spoiled the earth. "
Left VoiceLittle realizing that their actions brought about their doom. They remained set in their ways, transfixed by their civilization. All of them disappeared into the schwarzwelt."

Uuuuh what.

Middle Voice: "We have no wish to see this cycle of ruin repeated."

Left Voice: "Is to bury the evil soul, leaving only the holy spirit... And make of this earth a single, unified, holy spirit.

Right Voice: "While the fallen humans whose wills are weak shall be eliminated. "

Middle Voice: "The chosen ones will reign over the earth as a single spirit. Humanity's charge of uniting all life on earth as one will at last be fulfilled"

Left Voice: "And the absence of acrimony or hostility will prevent the Earth from ever again being put at risk. Humanity's spirit shall sing HIs praises daily, as they are directed, and shall nourish the Earth."

Right Voice: "That is the song under which humanity will become as one."

Well now. She appeared quite suddenly.

Louisa Ferre: "Is this the salvation He has promised you? "

Louisa Ferre: "It's to return to their souls' origin."

Well that is certainly MESSIER than the previous one.

Louisa Ferre: "A time of death and birth, destruction and creation... Bring back to the land that spirit of freedom. Then you'll find that humans will be allowed to become a part of nature. Quite unlike humans as they are now... living off the fat of the land, alienated from nature. I say let the Schwarzwelt loose! When the earth is filled with demons, the life of a human will again have worth. Your days will be beautiful ones, where you polish your souls in a world led by free gods. And if a spirit among you in that world becomes depraved, may you bid him adieu. There is no worth in a spirit who fears death and clings so covetously to life."

Louisa Ferre: "But what form should that future take? Do not neglect that..."

kato_av"It seems they were trying to tell us something... something about a vision-"

williams_av"And it is up to us to decide what we should do? "

Ops Crew: "What are we here for? To save mankind from the Schwarzwelt! Or have you forgotten!?"

Demons and other things. Things.

Ah, so no permanent damage. So far.

Where did she come from?

Zelenin_av"Just as the Wise Men said... The question of how we should lead humanity has been put to us. I am here now to tell you my feelings on the matter. Not my feelings, precisely... More like my calling. I am leaving the Red Sprite to follow wherever the Lord's will takes me. The time of judgement is near and I cannot remain idle. York... Thank you for all that you have done for me. If He wills it, we will meet again. I pray that everyone on the Red Sprite awakens to His guidance..."

Oh damn he went cuckoo

And so did she! Damn. The crew is dwindling!


Wait wait wait where did HE come from?

Those ancient assholes and their stuck-up lecturing pissed me off, but I'll tell you what... What the chick after that said really hit home. A free life, where if you die it's your own fault... That's not too bad. And I'm thinking maybe I have it in me to make a world like that. So it's time I said adios to the Red Sprite. From now on, I'm a free man. But hey, don't you worry about me. The Schwarzwelt's probably better for a man in my condition anyway. I'm real sorry for all the trouble I caused you, Francis. I thought I wanted to kill you all for what you did to those demons, but...

So he no longer even identifies as human. Okay.

Well to be fair Jimenez HAS lost his humanity by fusing with a weirdass humanoid demon. Or something. Eh.

And of course, he has groupies.

Fuck. That is not a good sign.

Abotu time. He missed all the action.

Then again it is not the first time they did it.

Hah, so beating the Mother in this sector made it easier for them to hack Arthur.

Or not sleep at all.

Too bad one can't even analize that shit.I like flavor text, you know?

Good. I am tired of this one.


Neither of them is. Not anymore. Not after the changes.

And of course those that died in the mission beforehand. Blagh.

Which would've been worse!

That's putting it lightly.

Good, This is getting rather overlong, I think.

The last mother.

Maybe. It is the course of action laid before the team, in any case.

Welp. Witch hunt ahoy.

There may be something. But what.

...That's what she said?

Once more. Fucking hell this has gone for far too long.

Hopefully it is a thing. And it happens. And things.

Yup. It is terrible.

Too many.


That reminds me of Fantasia.

Ah, well, that is what was shown in a segment in Fantasia. I like that movie.

Hm, yes, early earth, hot earth conditions might be a bit too hard for the human body.

Well then. The Strike Team can operate there, at least.

But it is not an illusion. Not like the previous one.

Obligatory wikilink

No, that would make it too easy, wouldn't it?

Sure would. But it won't happen.

Dive head first!

Assholes, both of them.


Zelenin's got God. Jimenez's got what, muscles? And the crew should believe in York, damnit!

Oh fuckdamnit. Not again.