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by Luisfe

Part 137: Horologium

Okay. I am pretty slow at this. I am begginig to REALLY REALLY dislike this particular game. I thought that I was just getting burned on the genre, but nope.
Playing Might and Magic X proves that. It is a very good game.
And thus I think I will start something with Wizardry 6 while this is actually going on, instead of AFTER.
Probably. I'll see later.

So there is something else happening? Damn, what could it be?

That or the 3 dudes again. Damn those dudes.

Oh what the FUCK. Why. How?
It can't be jack's squad right. It must not be.

Oh GOD DAMN IT. That is not a good thing, not a good thing at all.


Will it be good fruit? Or bad fruit? Maybe like a Durian, that is supposedly tasty but really really stinky. Hm.

Hell yeah that would be a good thing.

So, the message is inviting us all to get out. Is that wise?

Ah, so that is why it said "My crew"
What if Arthur had gotten a physical shell out of the ship. That could've happened.


Well we already heard other factions! But damn.

But what could it be?

Bah, as if something could stand up to York. York has killed EVERYTHING he's faced so far! ... Well yeah except we have not really seen tthe reapers. Yeah.

Must've been a rather good emitter then.

Good idea!
But before going out, let's prepare some things.

"The truth behind the Schwarzwelt, our course of action, the future of Earth and humanity itself... It's like he knew it all."

"But I'm convinced. Call it a gut feeling, woman's intuition, whatever... But that really was Gore, and he's trying to tell us something. Please... go meet him. Find out what his true intentions are."

"But when I heard his call, I realized... That's not the issue here. Go to him. We have an obligation to hear what he has to say--even in death."

Shut up, make things.

Eeeeeh. I am skipping this shit. It is bad.

Why not Let it Be?

I have no idea what this is.

Thse could be useful, but I prefer more general utility ones.

Well whatever, let's get to motherfucking Horologium.

We're in.

Or just heat.

THat would explain the heat.


No idea but we will find out soon enough!

I thought this would be over long ago. I forgot how goddamn long this game is. How GOD DAMN long and just infuriating it can be.
How the fuck did I play this two times before.
Without savestates. Without fast forward.
God damn it.


Yeah. Let's just go forward. AHEAD!

New enemies.

They were berserkers. Nothing particularly special.

Oh joy. An elevator.

Oh my fuck. We're not gonna have to explore 9 enormous floors are we? God damn.

Note: It is in the shape of a hourglass. Also, FUCK, another secret door that WE CAN'T YET FUCKING OPEN. Come on, game! We're long past this bullshit! This door should be openable!

And one of the new encounters! PARROT ARCHER

Kama:"I can tell you have a brilliant love inside you which has not yet faded. But I wonder, can it become a growing seed in this chaotic land? Come, show me your true power."

Well, the true power was shown to parrot archer thing. And there is literally NOTHING we can do now.

Except going down.