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Part 138: Gore is back

Let's go down, to the bowels of this hell.

Well now. That is a different tileset right there. Interesting.

Who could it be?

Huh. It is our old pal, Zombie Gore!

"Can you sense it? She is beyond this door. We are upon the root of the schwarzwelt... "

That is the first/last mother

"Now, let us go."

Big room.

Yeah that is unidentified. That is going to be problematic. It's the first "boss" monster that is unidentified. That's not normal.

"Mem Aleph's fluctuating energies prevent those without power from seeing her. The sleeping figure I see... That may not even be her true form. "

Oh damn. We don't want that. Even if she is sleeping.

Yes, I agree


So she is pissed at mankind. Okay.

Well York HAS been the one that has beaten all the goddamn asshole giant demons.

Is it?

So by accumulation of potential, or something?

Well that makes sense, to store information for future generations and being able to learn from the experiences of others in an indirect way. I guess.

Well that makes sense. He can dimension-hop without the need of the ship or the exotic matter. Yeah, why not.

As a super zombie, yes.

He dead. I wonder, was the suit IN the ship and was his carcass dressed up in it, or did the Mothers put the suit on him when he was revived?

Huh, he is a technopath too, apparently. Is there anything Gore can't do?

Seems like it.

"But pelase, connet to me through the same channel as before. I'll share everything I know."

So, Arthur is subordinate to Gore even if he is a zombie.

Ah, so Gore's ALSO become a biologic/magic wifi hotspot.


Aw, isn't that great.


So, uh, he knows the future. Uh, what?

Yes, that.



To be fair the thing that does the growing seems to be the Demonica itself...

Would York follow Jimenez's footsteps?