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Part 139: Gore is Gone

Why would York follow Jimenez's footsteps? York has gained great power without having to sacrifice his humanity, he has not abandoned his mission, and he has become MASTER of several demons without the need of abandoning his humanity. No. He would not mix with one, he would UTILIZE them, but not become one himself.
He would not abandon his companions either.

Ah, only ONE question then?

"On the one side, we have the demons of chaos, bursting with power.On the other, a god trying to impose his law and order. Both want nothing more than to get their hands on the power hidden withing the Schwarzwelt. So that they may lay claim to the Earth. It's too early to tell who will this war, but both sides are marshalling their forces. Think hard on which future you want for mankind. When you've made your choice, tell me who you'd entrust with the fate of all humanity."

This choice is not delayable.

And since York was somewhat chaos aligned, he only gets these two choices.
The choice is obvious though.

THE HUMAN RACE. York already defeated some "free demons" himself. He won't leave the responsibility of the future to some "free demons".


"But I want you to remember the way you feel now... I want you to remember that determination. "

Oh? Wait, what?


What kind of tool?

Oh. A nuke? But nukes were already tried from the outside. They did not work.

"Do it. You'll need to, for the next step."

A new rare forma!


Oh. Wait what?

So his body is gonna get fucked up just because of the knowledge he has gained? That is a weird thing.

So, uh, a corpse cannot hold all that knowledge. But York and an artificial intelligence can? Hm.

And he transfers stuff.

Huh, nice.

Well yeah, that was pretty much implied.

So, he dies again.


I dunno, he was revived by an external being, not by himself. Then he lost himself.

He dead.

Arthur: "Now commencing dissemination of this data to all hands. Stand by to receive new orders. Attention, all hands, I will now explain the details of our new plan: Plan Omega. This new and final plan has been constructed based on the knowledge provided by Commander Gore. "

Arthur: "A high-energy detonation within the Schwarzwelt should remove it from the face of the Earth. "

Yeah. That didn't do a thing.

Or do we?

Arthur: "However, with the high-energy solution we are now aware of, it is quite possible. "

I don't remember this dude appearing before. He gets a name and everything.

Arthur: "While wandering the Schwarzwelt, Commander Gore discovered the existence of high-energy matter. "

Huh. That sounds like something out of a Marvel comics cosmic thing.

Huh. Okay.

There are new things!


Huh? WHAT could that be then?

Aw. Damn.

He did? When?

Yeah, that is the big question. I guess that is going to need more than a plastic explosive detonator to set off.

Wait. What?
The nuke.
A nuclear device. That is going to be just the detonator? DAMN.

Apparently so!

If there is even anything to come back home to. Or if there is even a possibility to come back. This may very well be a suicide mission!


Four? Damn. Another fetch quest.

So five things in total. Okay.


ALL OF IT? Oh fuck no. Not Eridanus or Grus again please no. Please.

Hm. So to murder the last mother, and to get those things. Yeah. Yeah.

Honestly, I think getting the eggs first is wiser. Mem Aleph is not something that should be taken lightly.

That will probably be the very first thing to do.

Will do so.

And now York is delightfully NEUTRAL.

Let's go to the Lab.

"Oh yeah, you got a new forma, don't ya? Give it here and we'll put the commander's will to good use!"

Hell yeah.

Is this the last? I HOPE IT IS THE LAST.

Hell yeah!