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Part 14: Forma

The motor is not benefitting anyone staying in York's pocket, after all.

Arthur: "If the maintenance operations are succesful, we should regain our full functionality. Not only will be become mobile again, but our facilities will operate at their full potential."

Hey, a new dude!

And it seems he is impressed by York's actions.

Arthur: "I will analyze the information Command Unit Verne had gathered."

Arthur: "That would seem to be the best way to express my gratitude. Now, let us wait for the results of Engineering's work."

Announcer: "Engineer will begin the process of rebooting the engine reactor shortly. All crewmen involved are to cooperate with engineering and perform the final verifications. Note that the rebooting process will take some time. Carry your duties with that in mind."

"I'd rather not see us get shipwrecked again."

Well, that's hopefully what the results of bringing the remains of the other command unit would lead to. Maybe it'll have information that is of great use.

"Our research into Lemegetonite is all sewn up...And wouldn't you know but it looks like we can power our Demonicas with it! "

Arthur: "Please send me the details."
"Ten-four, Arthur. Yer better'n me at explainin' this mumbo-jumbo."

Arthur: "According to Crewman Irving's report... There are materials here in the Schwazwelt, known as forma, that can be used to make new equipment. The lemegetonite is but one of many forma. In this case, the Lemegetonite seems capable of improving the Demonica's Main App."

"Not only can we juice up our Demonicas, we can use 'em to make new goods and gear! If any o' y'all are interested, git yerself fown to the lab and see me toot sweet!"

Arthur: "I am sure that enhancing your Main App will allow you search the Schwarzwelt more easily. It is recommended that crew members with spare time try enhancing their Demonicas at the lab."

Well, since there is no main mission at the moment, checking it up is a good idea.

Yes indeed.

"So git yer Demonica out, boy!"

"Now yer Demonica's got a forma search function. That means you can detect forma that you couldn't before while yer out there in the field."

"Oops, sorry. I mghta gone a hair too fast for ya there. "Forma" is our name for the solid energy ya can find in the Schwarzwelt. We run that stuff through the "material fusion equipment" we're all so dang proud of here... And we oughtta be able to develop gear and supplies ya'd never see back on the ranch! There's more, too..."

Optional materials that will be checked in a further update. Maybe.

"I'll send ya some readin' material on the Main App and the forma search. Oh yeah, nearly slipped my mind! I got a favor to ask now that ya have that forma search. It's an excitin' time for us in the lab, what with this new forma research and all. We're pumpin' out new equipment and supplies left an' right. Anyhoo, I wanna test drive our fancy material fusion equipment as much as we can. Sooo...."

That sounds decidedly doable.

Well, that cerainly leaves a bunch of time for York to explore a bit. Since he is not required for engine maintenance duty.

"So if you could treat this as a new mission, well, that'd be mighty fine! Ya get all that? It's a lot to take in at once... Check yer notes later if ya get confused. Forma's gonna be important stuff for our investigation here in the Schwarzwelt. I ain't woofin' when I say the fate of the strike team depends on how well ya can use forma!"

Which won't be in THIS update since that's already a whole lot of talking about forma. That'll be in the next update. Maybe.

Yeah, no, later.

What needs to be done at the moment is to try that Forma Search function. See the green outline? That is our Forma search range. If forma is detected within it, it will be highlighted.

Strike Team: "I've found forma after forma just walking around... I feel like I'm forgetting the mission! Hahaha... I'll give you the documentation, if you want to read it."

If there is a Forma that has been detected, that indicator lights up.

And here it is, our first map forma.

>York obtained Recovery Core x3

And then another.

While identifying, it looks like this.

And thus a new item is acquired.

And enemies start dropping it as well.

And this is what we were looking for. Rare forma.

Feather Flock?

"Ooh, that forma! Thought I was detectin' a rare forma signal from yer Demonica. Reckoned I should give you a call! Be a darlin' and bring that to the lab, willya? I'll be waitin'!"

"You can view your rare forma under items, then key items in the Demonica screen."

The option has now become selectable, which means that now we can check out those particular items.

So that is gonna be used to make new guns and swords.

And htat will become items such as life stones and whatnot.

And this? Well, this is just gross.

... rockbridgeite? What.

And now the Onmoraki is shown. New enemies! It still looks like a cooked chicken.

And forma will drop regularly now.

"Way to rustle up somethin' good fer the preparatory analysis! Mebbe I can beef up yer Main App now!"

A little time passes, and then he gets it.

"Sorry, maybe this ain't a good time to jump fer you like that. That's a scientist fer ya! Now, about this new unlockin' feature... I reckon it's got the power to open locked doors in the field. Now ya can go further out, I reckon. Gotta remember to pass it out to the other crew, too..."

So now some of those locked portals will prove to be no more than simple doors to York. Excellent. More exploration soon, since all the accesible parts were already mapped.

Arthur: "Preparations for restarting the engine reactor are complete. Report to the command room for a briefing."
"Good results, and good news. Good stuff's happenin' all over!"
"Speaking of which... There's good news here, too. We've started developing sub apps."

"Us guys on the Supplies team are advancin' science by the minute with these strange "forma" things! "
"Sub Apps are what we're calling a type of function that will help you when you're in the field. The main thing to know is that you're free to mix and match different sub apps. I'll send you a white paper on it. Check it out later."

Yeah. They ain't giving them up for free. Nooo, it's all gotta be paid in macca. Damnation.
And Forma, I guess.

"There's a lot more to cover concernign Sub Apps, actually. I'm going to prepare some documentation on the subject. Ask me for it later."

Considering that there's nothing to do at the moment, that sounds like a good idea.